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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
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I’ve been using a very cool and shiny divot tool lately called DivPro. As you can see in the photos, this tool has a unique shape to it and it does quite a bit more than just fix ball marks.

Divot Tool

Of course the main reason to own/use a DivPro is fixing ball marks. Please folks, fix your ball marks. If I have the time, I fix 5-10 marks on every green. I believe the golf gods will award you with made putts if you fix enough ball marks.

The DivPro does a great job of fixing ball marks. The long prongs of the tool and the angle the tool is bent allow for plenty of leverage, even on the hardest of putting surfaces.

Ball Marker

The DivPro comes with a magnetic ball marker, which is nice.

The ball marker comes default with DivPro’s logo on it, but custom logos are available. If you are looking for a classy and unique golf tool to put your brand on for giveaways, golf courses, businesses or tee prizes, your logo on the DivPro’s ball marker is a great idea.

Bottle Opener

I’ve successfully snuck a couple of cold bottles of Corona onto the course. One problem, Corona is not a twist off cap! I’ve run into this situation a few times and had to smash the cap against the golf cart or a rock to get the cap off. With the DivPro’s bottle opener, I am no longer stuck with that problem and I don’t have to worry about breaking my precious Corona’s bottle.

Cigar/Club Holder

There are many devices and ways people use to keep their club grips from touching the wet ground. I’ve reviewed several golf gadgets which do just that job. The problem is that they’re not convenient.

With the DivPro’s built in club holder, I can easily keep my grips off the wet ground. No more slippery grips and wasted shots. The club holder can also double as a cigar holder. It may actually be more important to keep the cigar dry than the grips!


My only critique of the DivPro is the size. This unit is much longer than a standard divot tool. The length does make the ease of use and functionality much better, but it does make it a bit difficult in your pocket. Sometimes the tool gets stuck in my pocket or jabs me. This isn’t a deal breaker and I’ll exchange digging a little harder in my pocket a couple of times per round for all the benefits of the tool.


The DivPro is a great divot tool with many convenient extra bonus features.  It performs perfectly for fixing ball marks as seen in the image below.

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SUMI-G Divot Tool

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 3rd, 2009
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

The SUMI-G divot tool is not for every golfer. For golfer’s on a budget, a cheap plastic divot tool will do. After all, we just want to make more putts and have better greens. But for the discerning golfer, the $24 SUMI-G divot tool is as elegant as it is functional. In fact, it is a dead heat.  As a bonus, you can store it in the accessory box of your Porsche.


You’ve heard of forged golf clubs? They have the best feel and performance. How about having a forged stainless steel divot tool? There’s nothing like the feel of forged on the course, when you fix that ball mark right on the sweet spot. Ahem.

Built in ball marker

If you own certain other SUMI-G products like say, the mega cool Dormy or Stymie belts like I do, you can use the interchangeable ball marker. The divot tool’s included ball marker secures to a magnet on the head, as well as magnets in the super-hip SUMI-G belt buckles. And once again, the use of said ball markers or SUMI-G gear is called “SumiGizing.”

On the course

The forks on the SUMI-G divot tool are bent inward and downward to provide the perfect angles for fixing ball marks. My pal Marius, the brains behind SUMI-G, rubbed together the massive gray matter inside his cranium and figured this out somehow. That’s why he’s a pioneering golf inventor and I’m not.

The tool is light in my pocket. It doesn’t weigh down my now “falling down” pants, since I’ve dropped a few LB’s this season. My pants would completely fall down if not for my SUMI-G belts as a matter of fact.


Mark this down. This is the first “critique” I have regarding a SUMI-G product. As awesome as Marius’ products are, it may be the last as well.

On very hard greens the tool is tough to use. There isn’t quite enough length to get good leverage. The corners on the top of the tool can painfully poke the palm of my hand.

Keep in mind this is really a stretch. I’ve encountered conditions like this in one round out of close to 40.


Man this tool is sexy and shiny too!  I love shiny toys.

This is a unique piece which will last longer than you will, with its stainless steel forged design.  The magnetic ball marker is very convenient and interchanges with SUMI-G belts.  The greens and your fellow golfers will be thankful you ponied up the bucks for a great divot tool.

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