Golf Apparel Review: OGIO Groove Shorts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 7th, 2013
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OGIO Groove Shorts – click to zoom

This past January at the PGA Merchandise Show I got my first look at the new OGIO apparel.  I was surprised and excited that they had decided to dive into such a saturated market. This fall I’ve had the chance to test some of the first pieces out and I’m very impressed.  I’m glad OGIO decided to take on the apparel market.  Today I’m covering the OGIO Groove Shorts. Letst take a look.

OGIO Groove Shorts Overview

First, the fabric in the Groove shorts is not cotton. Good. I’m not a cotton fan. The Groove is made of a polyester spandex combination, 94% and 6% respectively. This means easy care, wrinkle resistant, no shrinking and best of all no ironing.

The fabric is also very lightweight and stretches because of the way it is weaved. Great for the golf swing, bending down to read putts, and reaching to collect bets from losing golf opponents.

The pockets have a custom lining which is easy on the contents. In my case a cell phone and small camera.

Style-wise, these are very cool shorts. The belt loops accommodate thick belts. The rear loop sports a cool looking OGIO logo.


The shorts I tested are the Black Plaid model. There are two other colors, White/Slate and Black.


Sizes for these golf shorts from OGIO range from 30-40.

OGIO Groove Shorts White - click to zoom

OGIO Groove Shorts White – click to zoom

On The Course

These shorts are extremely comfortable and fit perfectly. There are no tight areas or places where the shorts don’t stretch or adapt perfectly to all the nutty contortions my body goes through during its spastic granny over the top dual chicken wing golf swing.

The Groove shorts match up perfectly with one of my favorite new shirts, the OGIO Roller golf polo.


One small issue I found was with the inner pocket design. The angle that the pocket is cut can lend to coins and ball markers falling out of if I’m sitting on a golf cart.  Don’t use the gold coin ball markers when wearing these shorts!

The pricing may be a tad high on these at $90.


I really love the OGIO Groove shorts. Yes they’re $90, which isn’t cheap. But they’ll last forever. The performance and style is well worth the investment.

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OGIO Roller Golf Polo Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 12th, 2013
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At the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this past January I did my usual stop at the OGIO booth to see what cool new golf bags or accessories they were presenting. I was surprised by what I found: new OGIO golf apparel. At the time I wondered what they were thinking. The golf apparel market is flooded. Now that I’ve had a chance to do my first OGIO apparel review, I’m happy they entered the golf apparel market. Here’s why:

OGIO Roller Polo

OGIO Roller Polo

OGIO Roller Polo

The new OGIO Roller Polo ($80 retail) is a short sleeve golf shirt made from 100% polyester. I really like polyester vs cotton. The benefits of a “poly” are great: no shrinking like cotton, no wrinkles like cotton, lasts much longer than cotton, wicks moisture away from the body unlike cotton. So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not a cotton fan.


This shirt is very good looking and stylish. Love the knits and trim. The fabric is amazingly soft.  It feels softer than just about any cotton, bamboo or silk golf shirt I’ve worn.

Other Benefits

In addition to all the great benefits above, the Roller Polo provides UV (ultraviolet) protection. Anti-microbial qualities in the fabric keep the polo fresh.


The Roller Polo comes in the following sizes: small, medium, large, X large, XX large.

Roller Polo colors: Alloy, Alloy Black, Blueprint (pictured), Signal Red

On The Course

The most important qualities a polo can offer me on the course are, in this order of importance: performance, comfort, style.

In the performance area, this polo is fantastic. During all parts of the golf swing the polo never binds or catches. No tight spots.

In the comfort department, as mentioned previously, the fabric of this shirt is mega-soft. This polo is one of the most comfortable golf shirts I’ve ever worn.

In the style department, this baby is uber-cool.


There is a lot of trial and error when creating a new product line. OGIO has done a fantastic job with their new apparel line and the Roller Polo is a fine example.  The Roller is stylish, comfortable, easily cared for, and high performance.

Well played OGIO.  Well played.

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First Look – OGIO Apparel

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelSite News

Today’s Apparel Script

I’ve been a big OGIO fan for years.  Love their design creativity and thoughtfulness when it comes to golf accessories, bags etc.  Naturally I was intrigued when I found out they’ve started making apparel.  For today’s shift at the office and this afternoon’s round I’m sporting an OGIO Roller polo and OGIO Groove golf shorts.

OGIO Roller Polo

OGIO Roller Polo

OGIO Groove Shorts

OGIO Groove Shorts


So far I’m really digging the OGIO Roller Polo.  The shirt is 100% polyester, but is softer than any cotton shirt I’ve ever worn.  The shorts are killer too.  Very comfortable.

Stay tuned for a detailed review soon.

Review: OGIO Wisp Golf Bag

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Perhaps the folks at OGIO have ESP.  They must have known that my old bag was falling apart.  You see, I play a lot of golf.  I wear gear out.  My previous bag, made by another manufacturer, was held together by cable ties and duct tape.  Just in time the new OGIO Wisp arrived as a product review submission!

OGIO Wisp Golf Bag

My OGIO Wisp soaking up some rays on the driving range… click to zoom.

Naturally I put the bag into play immediately to do my “extensive” testing.  How does this OGIO Wisp bag fare?  Lets take a look. (more…)

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I’ve been using OGIO travel bags and luggage for years now. OGIO (sponsor of HOG Space Fantasy Golf 2009) is THE best, hands down. Apparently the Presidents Cup team has been reading my OGIO reviews because they’ve chosen OGIO as their official travel gear.

Of course the other possibility is that since captain Fred Couples is an OGIO guy, he made that choice. Nope. They picked it because they all ready my blogs. Yeah that’s it.


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