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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
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Perhaps the folks at OGIO have ESP.  They must have known that my old bag was falling apart.  You see, I play a lot of golf.  I wear gear out.  My previous bag, made by another manufacturer, was held together by cable ties and duct tape.  Just in time the new OGIO Wisp arrived as a product review submission!

OGIO Wisp Golf Bag

My OGIO Wisp soaking up some rays on the driving range… click to zoom.

Naturally I put the bag into play immediately to do my “extensive” testing.  How does this OGIO Wisp bag fare?  Lets take a look.

OGIO Wisp Golf Bag

WoodeLite – Click to zoom

Wisp Features

  • Medium sized carry/stand bag
  • Light weight, 4 pounds
  • The top opening of the bag is a trademark nine inch “WoodeLite” design which arranges the clubs nicely
  • Water bottle pocket accessible while walking
  • 5 zippered pockets
  • Triple triangle shoulder strap system
  • Detachable pocket panel for embroidery (need my logo on there)
  • Velcro near top of bag for hanging gloves or putter cover
  • Retail price about $155 but I’ve found street prices below $140


Wisp is available in four colors: Formula (pictured in this review), black, white and acid.

On The Course

I’ve had the Wisp in play for many rounds now.  The size is a slightly larger than my previous carry bag, but still ultra-light at four pounds.  The bag is easy to carry.  The stand legs extend and retract easily.

The WoodeLite is great.  Woods/hybrids on the left side, irons on the right and putter in the back putter well.  The clubs are easy to put in and take out.  I’m very happy to have my hand made putter from Scotland protected and isolated in that back well.  When I set the bag down, the clubs are all nicely arranged, easy to see and easy to pull.

The pockets in the Wisp are very spacious.  Very.  Even the fleece lined valuables pocket is huge.  If I ever need to bring my iPad to the course, I can put it in there.  I’m able to put in a ton of rain gear and warm clothes in the large body/side pocket.  It is massive for a bag this size.  The ball pocket could hold enough balls for me to last an entire season, seriously.  The zippers on this bag are really good.  The action is very smooth.  I do have a couple of critiques regarding the pockets, so check the critiques section below.

OGIO golf bag

Wisp towel loop – click to magnify

The towel loop is great.  Toward the top of the bag is an elastic loop for hanging the towel.  This is much better than hanging the towel over my irons and better than using those towel hangers or carabiners.

I have a fairly large water bottle, which I bought at the Masters last year.  The water bottle pocket holds it securely yet it is easy to insert and remove.


Despite having five large pockets, there’s no small tee pocket for one to put tees, divot tools, loose change, ball markers.  I know the big pockets are big, but putting small loose items in there is not all that great as they settle at the bottom of the pocket.  I’ve resorted to having a small tee bag attached to the outside of the bag.

The removable pocket panel (for embroidery or custom logo) is a very cool idea.  The pocket essentially unzips right off the bag.  The drawback is that it is easy to zip the zipper too far, resulting in whatever is in the pocket falling out onto the ground.


Any regular reader of my blog knows I’m an OGIO fan and have reviewed many, many of their offerings.  Use the search function and just type in OGIO and you’ll see, or click the related OGIO review links below.

Once again, OGIO has produced a fantastic golf bag with simply great functionality.  Those irritating issues a golfer encounters in a round with a bad golf bag: bad zippers catching, clubs snagging on insert and removal, weak stand legs… are non existent.  Easy access, roomy, light and stylish.


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