Ogio Terminal Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
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ogio terminal luggage bagIt’s no secret that Ogio is my favorite company. I just wish they made golf clubs.

Ogio Terminal

The Terminal is a crossover product. It is not specifically for golfers, but golfers will love it. The Terminal is a rolling duffel luggage bag with retractable handle. The Terminal is well suited for pro or amateur golfers to carry golf shirts, golf pants and everything they need to hit the road.

More pockets than a herd of kangaroos

Do kangaroos hang out in herds? Anyway… Ogio is well known for its design and amazing utilization of space. The Terminal is another wonderful example. The Terminal squeezes about 10 pockets into 5800 cubic inches of space.

The Terminal opens and closes like a mini coffin. There are pockets for several sets of shoes, shirts, pants, toiletries and anything else you can think of.

Careful not to lose your items in there

A funny thing happened when I got my Terminal out to count the pockets. I found a missing golf shirt in there! I thought I’d lost that yellow golf shirt a while ago. It was in one of the many pockets!

ogio terminal luggage bagIn action

I’ve used my Terminal several times, on different types of trips. I’ve rolled it through airports and baggage claims as well as simple road trips in the car. The Terminal is easy to roll with the big fat wheels. It’s easy to lift with the five lifting handles (including the retractable handle).

With the pockets and internal straps my shirts and pants all come out perfect, no wrinkles.


The Terminal is yet another amazing product from the cutting edge designers at Ogio. It’s a perfect size for a golfer, not too big. It’s easy to navigate through airports or in and out of the car trunk. Half the fun of going on a trip now is figuring out what pocket to put my socks or underwear (pictured) in.

I’m happy to finally chuck that damn Sampsonite luggage bag I’ve used for years with its wimpy (now broken) handle and no wheels. Lugging that thing through airports is almost as irritating as 3-putting.

For more images of the Terminal and dozens of other Ogio products, CLICK HERE.

2 responses to “Ogio Terminal Review”

  1. tomahawkgolf says:

    OGIO make a great golf BAG I have owned two of them .. a will OGIO again. Thanks for the great review of the Terminal Bag ….

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