How to prevent cavities and gingivitis, plus check your club face alignment at the same time.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
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Did you know that four out of five golfing dentists prefer toothpaste and a tee to check their club face alignment?

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Tee stuck to club face gives better visual of launch angles and direction!

Take a small dab of toothpaste and put it on the head of a golf tee.  Longer tees are better as they give a better visual.  The Golf Space tees (pictured) are even better.  Mount the tee in the center of one of your clubs as shown in the picture above.  The tee will show the direction and angle that the club face is pointing.  You can do as I’ve done in the pic above, and use an arrow or straight line under the club as an alignment guide.  Obviously in this image, the club is closed and pointing left of target.

Not only can you check club face alignment, you can also manipulate the head around to see launch angles for situations like flop shots or times when you need to carry an obstacle like the lip of a bunker.  Take a toothpaste tee sand wedge into a practice bunker and check out the angles the tee is pointing as you open or close the blade.  The tee will give you a better visual of the launch angle and give you confidence that you can get the ball over the lip.

Chat with Dave Stockton

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
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Dave Stockton's Putt To WinYesterday I had a chance to chat with golf great Dave Stockton for a while.  Stockton racked up 10 PGA Tour wins, including TWO PGA Championships and two 2nd place finishes at the Masters.  I’d met Dave in 1997 when the then “Senior Tour” was in town.  I followed him around, watched him shoot a 63 on a tough Jack Nicklaus course and win the tournament.  Aside from Ben Crenshaw, Dave Stockton is known as one of the best putters of all time.  My putting stroke is a close model to Dave’s, and most of my opponents would prefer I do something else.

The discussion, paraphrased:

Me:  Hey Dave how are you?  We met up in Park City when the Senior Tour played up there years ago.

Stockton: Yes.  I wish we still played up there.  I really enjoyed it.  I used to love to play up there and then go fishing up in that area.

Me:  I wish you still played up there too.  We don’t get much high level professional golf here in Utah.  I hear you are injured.

Stockton: Yes.  I tore my rotator cuff.  I had rotator cuff surgery a couple of weeks ago.

Me: Ouch.  That must have hurt.  How long will you be out for?

Stockton: I’m surprised to say I’m not feeling any pain right now.  I should be back in about five weeks.

Me: I want to tell you how much I enjoy your putting style.  I’ve modeled a lot of my putting after you.

Stockton:  Thanks! More and more people are modeling their style after mine these days.

Me: So you’re here at this golf tournament (Champions Challenge at Thanksgiving Point, Utah) but you obviously aren’t playing.  Why are you here?

Stockton: I’m following my sons around.  They’re playing in the tournament.

Me:  Ah!  Well I wish your boys luck.

Stockton: Thanks.  Nice talking to you.

Dave Stockton – Putt To Win

Speaking of Dave Stockton’s putting, he has a book called “Putt To Win.”  Click here or on the image in this piece to pick up a copy.

Interlink Golf Systems Instructional DVD Set

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
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IGS Interlink Golf Systems Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson’s Interlink Golf Systems (IGS) is a six DVD set of golf instructional videos, drills and techniques. The system has over nine hours worth of golf instruction, which is one reason getting my review busted out took me a long time.

Great Production

Since my “other” expertise is in CD/DVD duplication and audio/visual production, the first thing I notice when I receive a package like this is the quality of the product, packaging, production, print etc. The IGS packaging, discs, production and print are top quality. The case is an awesome DVD case which holds six discs yet takes up the space a single disc case would occupy.

The video quality and content is very high quality and the audio clear as a bell. It’s not that easy to get good audio on productions like this, especially when you’re filming outside and there’s some wind.

Start To Finish

Starting with DVD #1, the viewer learns all the IGS basics of golf from the very beginning. Grip, stance, posture, alignment and every basic component of the swing are covered from ground zero to help build a foundation for learning the IGS system.

Through the rest of the six DVD’s the viewer learns everything he needs to play golf in a more simplified manner.






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