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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
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IGS Interlink Golf Systems Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson’s Interlink Golf Systems (IGS) is a six DVD set of golf instructional videos, drills and techniques. The system has over nine hours worth of golf instruction, which is one reason getting my review busted out took me a long time.

Great Production

Since my “other” expertise is in CD/DVD duplication and audio/visual production, the first thing I notice when I receive a package like this is the quality of the product, packaging, production, print etc. The IGS packaging, discs, production and print are top quality. The case is an awesome DVD case which holds six discs yet takes up the space a single disc case would occupy.

The video quality and content is very high quality and the audio clear as a bell. It’s not that easy to get good audio on productions like this, especially when you’re filming outside and there’s some wind.

Start To Finish

Starting with DVD #1, the viewer learns all the IGS basics of golf from the very beginning. Grip, stance, posture, alignment and every basic component of the swing are covered from ground zero to help build a foundation for learning the IGS system.

Through the rest of the six DVD’s the viewer learns everything he needs to play golf in a more simplified manner.

IGS Three Key Concepts

There are three key concepts to the IGS program.

IGS Interlink Golf Systems Craig JohnsonThe first is what Craig Johnson calls the “10 Degree Offset.” The 10 Degree Offset is how you set up your stance for your shots. If you were to draw a line across your toes that line would be 10 degrees open from the target line.

The next two keys are swing types, either a “release” shot or a “non release” shot. Essentially the release refers to what happens with your club and your wrists after making contact with the ball. If your wrists don’t break, sort of like a punch shot, that’s a “non release” shot. If your wrists break, that’s a “release” shot.

Once you have the setup and the shot type (release or non-release) down, the drills and concepts come fairly easily.

My Favorite Lesson

There are so many drills and lessons in this 9+ hour program I really can’t cover them all. I will highlight one drill which really benefited me, the downhill lie.

Typically, players are told to put their shoulders (and/or knees, hips etc) parallel to the ground they’re standing on, when standing on uphill or downhill lies. I’ve always done this, despite the fact that it has never felt comfortable. Once I take a swing, I feel off balance.

Craig Johnson’s IGS way of approaching the downhill lie debunks the parallel theory and makes total sense. Essentially you get yourself setup where your weighting is comfortable and take some practice swings. You take note where your club is striking the grass and that’s where you place the ball in your stance. This allows you to put a natural swing on an unnatural shot. It’s so easy and sensible. The video sample below shows an excerpt of this drill.

Below is a table showing all the DVD’s and the contents/drills in each.

MODULE 1 DVDFundamentals: Definitions and Drills 60 Minutes
LESSON 1 – Grip LESSON 7 – Hand Path
LESSON 2– Stances LESSON 8 – Posting
LESSON 3 – Positions LESSON 9 – Shoulder / Club Head Alignment
LESSON 4 – Ball Location and  Impact Point LESSON 10 – Motionless Wrists and Hips
LESSON 5 – Workshop LESSON 11 – Equidistance Drill
LESSON 6 – Hand Position LESSON 12 – Variable Distance Drill
MODULE 2 DVD – Putt, Chip & Pitch Drills 100 Minutes
LESSON 1 – Distance Control Drill LESSON 5 – Chipping Drill
LESSON 2 – 3 Foot Drill LESSON 6 – Chipping Drill
LESSON 3 – Ladder Drill LESSON 7 – Cut-Lob Drill
LESSON 4 – 4 Step Drill LESSON 10 – Motionless Wrists and Hips
LESSON 5 – Chipping Drill
LESSON 6 – Hand Position
MODULE 3 DVDThe IGS Connection 60 Minutes
LESSON 1 – The IGS Connection
LESSON 2 – Punch Shot Drill
LESSON 3 – Approach Shot Drill
MODULE 4 DVDThe Release Shot 120 Minutes
LESSON 1 – Full Rotation Non-Release Drill LESSON 5 – 5 Point Shoulder Drill
LESSON 2 – Crossing Hands Drill LESSON 6 – Wrist Release Drill
LESSON 3 – Ball Compression Drill LESSON 7 – The Release Shot
LESSON 4 – Rotation Drill LESSON 8 – Working the Ball
MODULE 5 DVDUnusual Lies 70 Minutes
LESSON 1 – Uphill Shots LESSON 4 – Sidehill Shots – Ball Above Feet
LESSON 2 – Downhill Shots LESSON 5 – Fairway Sand Shots
LESSON 3 – Sidehill Shots – Ball Below Feet LESSON 6 – Green Sand Shots
MODULE 6 DVDAll Practice Drills 120 Minutes

This DVD is a compilation of all the drills contained throughout the other 5 IGS DVD Modules.

IGS Interlink Golf Systems Craig JohnsonConclusion

There’s a TON of information in the six DVD IGS system. To fully benefit from the program you should do it from start to finish and employ the setups and techniques Craig Johnson shows you. If you simply need work on some specific parts of your game you could jump to those lessons, provided that you get the 10 degree offset and release/non-release concepts.

If you’re looking to improve your game but your current techniques and instruction aren’t doing it for you, I’d suggest checking out the IGS program. They have a $9.99 shipping only deal where you can check it out and return it if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

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