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Review: La Costa Resort & Spa

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
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With the recent conclusion of the Accenture Matchplay Championship at La Costa, I figured now was as good a time as any for my La Costa course review.


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Coral Canyon Golf Course

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
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Coral Canyon 3
Random Holes
Coral Canyon 2
More holes
Coral Canyon 1
View from the #1 tee (Par 5)
Coral Canyon #10 Tee
#10 tee (par 4)

Titleist Vokey Oil Can Wedge

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 17th, 2005
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Oil Can
The Titleist Oil Can get’s it’s name from it’s finish. Each Oil Can wedge is unique looking due to a heat oxide treatment. This process provides a non-glare appearance as well as a very soft feeling wedge. Over time, the Oil Can finish will wear resulting in a raw wedge.

If the wedge gets wet it will rust. I would soak mine in a wet towel overnight and there would be a great deal of rust on the surface. (Don’t use a nice towel because the rust stains won’t wash out). The rust would act as a coating which would give the club even more grip on the face of the club which allowed me to impart even more spin on my shots.

This club is excellent in design, look and feel. It performed perfectly from full swings to small chips and pitches. On full swings the square looking grooves did shave a few different brands of balls. It didn’t work extremely well out of the sand but that may have been due to the lack of bounce on the model I tested.

The Vokey Oil Can Wedges will provide you with great performance and feedback.

Rating 8/10
MRSRP $125.00
Web site: http://www.titleist.com

Golf For Dummies DVD by Gary McCord

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Friday, December 10th, 2004
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golf for dummies
Here’s my first DVD review! First of all I must say I love Gary McCord. Some people can’t stand him as an announcer but I happen to love his humor. Since I have a great Netflix account I rented the DVD.

Gary kept his strange humor under control for the most part in this instructional golf dvd. The dvd is maily geared for beginners (or dummies I suppose) but there’s plenty of good avice and drills for both beginners and golf veterans. I don’t know what the retail is on this but it’s worth a look.

Stars: 3 of 5

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