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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
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browsegoods.comA new friend of mine Neil Mayle sent me an email yesterday to introduce me to his new web venture, I get dozens of emails like this every week from companies who want me to write about them here on one of the web’s top golf blogs. Rather than writing something negative about a site I’ll just choose not to write anything. But in this case I’m absolutely amazed at how cool’s engine is and therefore writing this post.

Google Maps for golf (or other) products works very similarly to an engine like Google Maps. You start zoomed out to the product category overviews and click where you want to zoom in. As you zoom in you see hundreds or even thousands of products which you can then highlight and then buy (on for now). This is about the coolest thing I’ve seen on the web in several years. This engine is amazingly slick. Neil presumably will make his money by people clicking through and using his affiliate codes, generating a commission.

My suggestion

I suggested to Neil that he look into doing a price comparison which would then search many product sites along with Amazon to deliver the user the best deals, like Eat Golf’s Shopper.

This product is still in beta and I look forward to seeing what Neil is able to do in the future. I need to see if he’ll give me a few shares of founder’s stock in the company for writing this article… 😉

4 responses to “ is amazing”

  1. chrisd says:

    Just went through this site. Very awesome. Only thing that I don’t really care for is that when you get to a certain level you really have to do some clicking to get to where you want/need to be.

    Other than that I really like it. Thanks for the link. Perhaps I’ll find my new driver off of there!

  2. I believe there’s a search button too so you can type in what you are looking for.

  3. gomez1856 says:

    hmmm.. nice concept, but I thought it was quite difficult to find anything. Seems like a bunch of great technology put together to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Sites like Amazon and others have extremely friendly navigation and intuitive menus. I don’t see how this has improved on that in anyway.

    props for developing it though….

  4. Right gomez1856, which is exactly why I suggested a price comparison component…





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