My Record Continues: Most Golf Holes Without Losing a Ball

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 25th, 2013
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This is getting sorta crazy now.  A year or two ago I documented playing I believe 113 or 118 holes with one golf ball.  I’ve got a new record going which dates back to my last round at Kingsbarns in Scotland.  Since the 15th hole at Kingsbarns, I’ve not lost a golf ball.  I’ve had to retire a few due to wear and tear, but have not lost one.  The number of rounds is getting too much to keep in my head, so I’m going to jot them down here.

7/4/13 Kingsbarns, Scotland 3
7/5/13 Carnoustie Golf Links, Scotland 18
7/6/13 Castle Course, Scotland 18
7/6/13 Balcomie Golf Links, Scotland 18
7/10/13 Bonneville Golf Club, Salt Lake City 9
7/15/13 Bonneville Golf Club, Salt Lake city 18
7/18/13 Cabo del Sol, Los Cabos Mexico 18
7/19/13 Cabo Real, Los Cabos Mexico 18
7/19/13 Diamante, Los Cabos Mexico 18
7/24/13 Bonneville Golf Club, Salt Lake City 18
7/25/13 Fore Lakes Executive Course, Murray UT 9

Total (unless I forgot a round in there) so far: 165 holes and STILL counting!

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