Great Father’s Day Golf Gifts Under $50

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 5th, 2013
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Father’s Day is coming up next week.  Looking forward to defending the Father’s Day tournament championship with my dad at his club!  Today I’m going to post some great Father’s Day golf gift ideas which all run less than $50.  These are all products reviewed here on previously.  There will be links to the original review pages so you can get more details.  And now…. the envelope please… drum roll…

Frogger_Golf_Cart_Poncho_fFrogger Golf Cart Poncho

For years I’ve been putting the Frogger Golf BrushPro in my gift lists.  This week I have a fresh Frogger product which is a great idea and very useful, the Frogger Golf Cart Poncho.  This $50 golf cart rain cover is portable, light, and works great at keeping golfers dry in the rain.

Golf Cart Poncho Review

kentwool tour golf socks

Kentwool Tour Golf Socks

Bye bye cotton socks.  You’ve all been replaced by the BEST golf sock on the planet bar none, Kentwool.  Kentwools are made of wool yes.  But they are not too hot and not itchy.  They are the most comfortable and highest performing golf sock… EVER.

Kentwool Review

Home Striker Golf Ball ParachuteHome Striker Golf Ball Parachute

This one is a bit cheesy, but is is sorta fun.  The Home Striker is a golf ball with a parachute on it.  I knock mine around the back yard and secretly hope the parachute breaks and the ball finds the cranium of the neighbor lady’s yelping poodle.

Home Striker Review

Tin_Cup_Utah_Utes_fTin Cup Ball Marking Stencil

Here’s a fun one.  Tin Cup makes many golf ball stencils.  The Tin Cup is a metal half sphere with a logo, like your favorite college football team (Utah Utes), or pets, initials, bombs, skulls, etc.  Marking is done with a sharpie.

Latest Tin Cup Review

Bridgestone B330-RXS

Bridgestone Golf Balls

I’ve been digging the performance of the Bridgestone B330-S lately.  That ball seems to be a great fit for my game.  The Bridgestone line of golf balls has many different models to match every game style, from the 25 handicapper to the winner of the $10 million FedEx Cup last year, Brandt Snedeker.

Bridgestone Golf Ball Reviews

american_caddie_st_andrewsAn American Caddie in St. Andrews

I have yet to post my review of the book An American Caddie in St. Andrews: Growing Up, Girls, and Looping on the Old Course by Oliver Horovitz.  I just finished the book two nights ago and loved it.  This was one of the few times reading a book didn’t put me to sleep after a couple of pages.

Review coming soon…

Switch Belts - click for HOG review

Switch Belts

Switch Belts are rubber/plastic belts which come in 14 different colors of belt and buckle.  Belts and buckles can be interchanged, producing 196 color combinations!  When the belt gets dirty, throw it in the dishwasher with the dishes left over from last night’s lasagna dinner.

Switch Belt Review

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