PING Scottsdale ZB S Putter Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
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PING Scottsdale ZB S Putter

PING Scottsdale ZB S Putter - cilck to magnify

Welcome to the 3rd installment of my 2011 PING Scottsdale putter review series.  To date I’ve covered the PING Scottsdale Shea and the Scottsdale Senita putters, as well as the related iPING putter App.  Today’s putter is the new PING Scottsdale ZB S Putter.

PING Scottsdale ZB S Putter Overview

The new ZB S is a conventional blade putter with a simple and clean design.  The putter has a dark matte finish on the top and a black shiny chrome finish on the bottom, as do the other Scottsdale putter models.  The look is very sharp and the matte finish prevents glare.

PING Scottsdale ZB S Putter

PING ZB S's Thermoplastic Elastomer Insert - click to zoom


As you can see in the 2nd image here, there’s an insert in the face of the ZB S, as there is in the other PING Scottsdale models.  This insert is a “thermoplastic elastomer” material.  This material provides extra feel and control in the stroke.

The ZB S, as with all Scottsdale models, employs perimeter weighting which produces a high moment of inertia or MOI.  In plain English, this means the putter likes to stay square in the stroke and at impact.

The ZB S weighs in at 345 grams and the balancing of the head is “toe down.”

PING Fit For StrokeStrong Arc

PING has a new system for matching up putters with putting stroke types.  The system is called “Fit For Stroke.”  Specific models and weighting are better matched for the three stroke types classified by PING: Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc.  The player’s arc type can be measured by PING’s new iPing app and cradle, which fits on a putter and produces a wealth of data about the stroke.

Now that we know about arc types we may proceed!  The ZB S is best suited for golfers with a Strong Arc.  A strong arc would be a wider “swinging gate” style putting stroke, which goes from inside to square to inside.

Despite my arc type being defined by PING’s Fit For Stroke as a slight arc, I find the ZB S well suited for my game.

PING Scottsdale ZB S at address

PING Scottsdale ZB S at address - click to zoom

Looks And Feel

I’m not sure I’ve ever disliked a PING putter.  I’ve used many, including my trusty PING Zing which was the most deadly putter on the planet for me. The Zing was my gamer for 10+ years, until it was stolen straight out of my bag about 4 years ago.  I’ve never committed any acts of violence against another human being, but if I found the crook that stole my Zing that could change.  I digress.

At address the ZB S is compact and simple.  The finish keeps my focus on the ball and the squareness of the blade.  The small and simple white alignment mark is all I need to align the ball and keep the putter on the proper line.

As with the other Scottsdale models, the insert does provide great feel and feedback at impact.  I have great distance control and command over the speed.


The Winn AVS grip is fantastic.  The putter seems to mold to my hands.  This helps increase the aforementioned feel and control.

PING ZB S Scottsdale Winn AVS Grip

Winn AVS Grip - great feel

Many other options are available in the grip department.

PING Scottsdale ZB S Putter And Cover

PING Scottsdale ZB S Putter And Cover - click to zoom

Head Cover

A putter cover needs to do two basic things: Protect the putter and stay out of the way.  The thick padding of the ZB S cover protects the putter well and keeps that beautiful Scottsdale finish pristine.  It isn’t too bulky despite the padding.

The ease of use is just as important.  No getting irritated putting it on or taking it off.

The looks of the putter cover are great too.   My two favorite colors just happen to be red and black.


The new PING ZB S is a golf weapon of mass destruction.  With the great feel, control and high MOI, this putter is sure to destroy your opponents’ chances of beating you.


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