New Video: Prazza Golf Ball Finder – You MUST see this!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, November 6th, 2011
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Prazza golf ball finderI’ve reviewed about 4,578,093 golf gadgets and I must say, not many can top this one.  The Prazza golf ball radar unit is a system which comes with golf balls equipped with transmitters inside, which can be located by a hand held device which give the golfer visual and vibration feedback which enables the player to find his ball, ANYWHERE.  It will even find a ball in water.

I’ll be doing a more detailed review of the Prazza golf ball finder soon, but had to share this video as soon as I had it posted to the HOG/TGS YouTube channel:

3 responses to “New Video: Prazza Golf Ball Finder – You MUST see this!”

  1. Mark says:

    When they perfect the floatation collar to go with the radar, I’m buyin!

  2. Tim Heiman says:

    I was looking for my golf ball in a wooded area last week and one of my hearing aids fell out. I just paid 6 grand to get a new set of hearing aid and within 1 week I lost one of them. I have insurance but if you lose the same left or right hearing aid the insurance won’t cover the second lost one. it would be a lot nicer to know if I lost the next hearing aid all I would have to do is just take out a device and find it. With hearing aids your transmitter could also make the hearing aid emit a loud noise for even easier finding. If you can put that transmitter inside a golf ball and sell the golf ball for 20 bucks an addition of 20 bucks to a $ 3,000.00 hearing aid would be less than a few months supply of hearing aid batteries. Just send royalties me for each manufacturer you sell this idea to.


  3. Florida Golf Community says:

    Cool gadget. Was it designed only for prazza golf ball?