Mesquite Amateur Tuesday

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
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I came into today’s first round of the Mesquite Amateur with high hopes, though I hadn’t hit a golf ball in eight days since being at the Byron Nelson last week. By the 2nd hole of my round though, I’d be in shock at what would turn out to be possibly the most embarrassing moment in my golf tournament history.

On the 2nd hole, I realized my new wedges would not work in this sand. I skulled the ball from one bunker to the next, then took a different wedge in that one to prevent the club from bouncing too much. That one fluffed under the ball. I’d then chip it too far and two putt. I carded a six on a par-3. Haven’t had a triple bogey since I can remember. It would only get worse.

I was very nervous, shaking even. Or was that because I had a gigantic latte from Starbucks? Both likely. Later I’d lose three balls in lateral hazards on ONE hole, blowing up to a nine on a par-5. I was in the middle of golf’s version of Chernobyl. I emptied my bag of balls, hooking them and gagging them into hazards all over the place. For a minute I thought I’d have to WD because of running out of balls.

The front score of 49 (par 35) was the highest nine hole score I’ve had in probably 15 years. My total score, 92, is absolutely the worst score I’ve shot since probably the late 80’s. After this evening’s banquet they published the results from today’s tournament. I’m in LAST PLACE in my flight. Brilliant.

Why the meltdown?

I felt physically great today. The mind seemed clear too. I know I was very juiced up and probably too hyped to play well the first couple of holes, but I couldn’t do anything all day except reach the first par-5 in two and two putt for birdie. I didn’t even make a par until somewhere around the 13th hole.

I’m not one for excuses, so here are my excuses. The Byron last week was extremely draining. Up early in the morning and walking the course in 97 degree temps with 80% humidity. Five days of that could make anyone too tired to play good golf.

I’d also rolled into bed at 1:00am Monday because of hanging out with my long time friend The Golf Chick. We had never met in person, though we’ve been the best of golf blog pals for six years. We had to talk golf, though it was late. Executive decision.

The back is tight down here. I’m worried really. The chair I have to sit in here in the hotel is not good for it. The bed may not be the best for the back either. I’m switching to the other queen in my room tonight. Hope that helps.

The brain may be shot too. I’ve been running it hard for a while. Time for a vacation mentally.

Now what?

I’m in last place but I do have two more days of golf at some cool golf courses. These two days I’ll work on my game in tournament conditions and prep for a 27 holer with my pops Friday, and the big Salt Lake City Am this Saturday and Sunday. Yes, if you did the math that’s six days in a row of golf, the last five in a row being tournaments.

2 responses to “Mesquite Amateur Tuesday”

  1. Discover Golf says:

    sorry to hear about the score tough break. Just curious what’s the new wedge your playing with?

  2. Alan says:

    Don’t forget that three-digit score at Stonewall some 10 years back, partner!





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