Frogger HOP! Green Repair Tool

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 19th, 2011
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If I had the job of reinventing the wheel, there’s one guy on this planet I’d hire to do the gig. That would be Jeremiah from Frogger Golf.  Jeremiah seems to know what it takes to make an every day product better, and has the guts to go and and make the darn thing.  After all, Frogger didn’t invent the club brush, but their BrushPro is the best. They didn’t invent the golf towel, but their Amphibian Towel is the best

Frogger HOP! Green Repair Tool

So why not reinvent the most used gadget in golf, or at least what should be the most used, the green repair tool?

Frogger HOP! Green Repair Tool

The new Frogger HOP! Green Repair Tool - click for more Frogger images And by the way, why do people call these divot tools? You don't fix divots with green repair tools...

How does Frogger reinvent the wheel make a green repair tool better?

First, they start by making it light and strong so it doesn’t weigh me down when it is in the pocket.  I have enough of my own LB’s to carry around, and I don’t need a 20 pound divot tool.  Check.

The tool can have an ergonomic, curved design which specifically targets the proper way to fix a ball mark and makes it easy to do.  Check.

The forks of the ball marker would be a shape which fixes the marks easily, but doesn’t damage the green.  Check.  I notice that the repair tools with wider, flat forks, tear the root structure.  These round forks do not tear the roots like wider and flat forked divot tools do.

Frogger HOP divot tool

I love shiny golf gadgets...

Special feature – mega strong magnets which attract ball marker in pocket

You don’t get your divot tool out of your pocket to affix the magnetic ball marker back onto it before you throw the marker into the pocket.  You just throw the marker in the pocket and then have to fish it out next time you need it.  The problem then becomes finding the dumb thing on the next green.  Then you become what Frogger calls the “fiddler,” the guy who stands there wasting time on the green searching for his ball marker.

To prevent the Fiddler from sucking the life out of everyone on the green when he’s fishing for his ball marker, the HOP! green repair tool has super strong magnets embedded inside which suck the ball marker from the deep, dark recesses of the pocket.  The marker sticks to the tool and is then easy to find.

I was testing the system out the other night in the bathroom, and the wife didn’t quite believe what I was saying I was doing…. Ahem.


There are 400 trillion divot tools, I mean, “green repair tools” out there on the market.  The golf world didn’t need another one, or did it?  The HOP! green repair tool not only does a fantastic job fixing ball marks, but it eliminates the small and irritating problem of not being able to find your ball marker in your pocket.  Plus, the tool seems to do a better job of “repairing” the green, rather than doing more damage to it.

While we are on the subject of fixing greens I have one request.  Next round you play, make it a point to fix five ball marks on every green.  The golf gods will allow you to make more putts if you do.

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