Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, September 19th, 2008
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Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel

Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel

Back in this golf blog post I reviewed the Frogger Amphibian golf ball towel.  As I mentioned before, Frogger and head frog Jeremiah are good friends.

This is a companion review covering the full sized version of the Amphibian towel.


A “technology” heading for a towel?  You bet.

The Amphibian towel is a large square towel with two of the four sizes sewn together.  This forms a sort of “pita pocket” shape.  The inside of the towel is a bamboo terry and is used as the wet part for cleaning clubs, balls etc.  The outside is cotton and stays dry, despite the inside being wet.  So you clean your clubs with the inside and dry them with the outside.  Very cool.

On the course

I used to wet a large towel about half way down, so the bottom half was wet and the top half dry.  Now I can have the same single wet/dry towel but one that keeps the two completely separate.  The inside of the Amphibian stays wet for most of a round and hot hot days may need a small boost of water about half way through the round.

The towel is also very soft and plush.  When I have some sweat to wipe off my face or hands (from the pressure of trying to win a $2.00 nassau), the Amphibian feels very nice.

I like the spring loaded clip which mounts the towel, similar to a mountain climbing clip.  This clip is much better than those old standard wire towel clips which bend and break.  Of course you only find that out after you’ve lost your towel.

Dry towel in the rain

On rainy days it is hard to keep a towel dry.  Reversing the concept of the Amphibian you can use the outside as the wet side and the inside as the dry side.   Since the two stay independent, the rain can soak the outside fine and the inside is still dry!

Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel


The only minor critique I have which isn’t a factor with the ball version, is that it can sometimes be hard to get leverage for really scrubbing and rubbing the wet side.  There can be enough slack in the two sides to make scrubbing difficult.


The full sized Amphibian is another great product from Frogger.  The fabric is as plush and soft as any golf towel I’ve ever used.  The wet/dry concept is implemented very well and works perfectly.

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  1. gumby325 says:

    I understand you and “head frog Jeremiah are good friends.” But dealing with his company to purchase his towels would push me dropping him as a friend. But I guess you got your towel for free to write this review. I hope its a great towel and I also hope the finds others to sell it. I would not suggest to anyone to buy from his site directly unless they have stock in “TYLENOL”. This has been the biggest headache since my brain tumor sugery.





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