Kaymer and Donald shake up world golf rankings, move to #1 and #3

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 28th, 2011
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Luke Donald with Accenture Trophy

Luke Donald with Accenture Trophy - click for larger version

With the 1st place finish for Luke Donald in the Accenture Match Play Championship comes a move up to #3 in the world. Martin Kaymer came into the WGC event at #2 in the world, but now takes over the #1 ranking by making it to the final match. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Lee Westwood were all pushed down.

Here’s the current top 10 golfers in the world, the “OWGR” list:

#1 Martin Kaymer
#2 Lee Westwood
#3 Luke Donald
#4 Graeme McDowell
#5 Tiger Woods
#6 Phil Mickelson
#7 Paul Casey
#8 Rory McIlroy
#9 Steve Stricker
#10 Matt Kuchar

Martin Kaymer

#1 golfer Martin Kaymer

I find it hard to believe that Tiger has has such poor finishes and is even in the top 10 right now. He hasn’t played top five golf for a long time.

Martin Kaymer’s game is so solid that he’ll have to melt down, or someone else will have to really come on strong to knock him out of the #1 spot.  I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Bubba Watson’s $525K watch causing a stir

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 27th, 2011
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I saw a rather rude tweet from a guy yesterday directed at Bubba Watson regarding his watch.

bubba u are a solid dude. But please quit blinging out watch worth more than than an avg person makes in a lifetime. Lame.

Bubba responded to the guy, stating that he didn’t buy the watch and that he was being paid to wear it by a sponsor.  Later Bubba must have deleted that comment because it is gone.

Bubba Watson Watch

It not only tells time, it feeds hungry children around the world...

After digging a bit more I found that my buddy Ryan Balangee of NBC Sports and Shane Bacon of Devil Ball wrote articles yesterday on the watch Bubba Watson was wearing.  The watch, by Richard Mille, is valued at $525,000.  I tried to go to the Richard Mille web site to read about the watch, but the Flash animations and things flying around made me almost barf.  As I waited and waited for more animations and things flying around to load I got more and more nauseated.  I left before all of those things could load.  I couldn’t take it.  But that is a rant for another day…

A large amount of negative comments about this watch prompted me to comment on Shane’s thread and here.

Here are a few of the boneheaded comments:

Just another example of vulgarity from the rich and famous.

Pathetic….all the want and need in the world and this guy flaunts this excessive indulgence . Sick, insensitive and callous.

A typical sports star with the attitude that everything is for me.

Before you guys criticize Bubba you should get your facts straight

Bubba is sponsored by this company, who provided him this watch to wear and is PAYING HIM.  Like most players on the PGA Tour, every damn part of is outfit, golf bag and who knows what else is sponsored and provided for him, down to his socks.  Hell, I bet even his underwear is sponsored.

Stop criticizing Bubba for buying a half million dollar watch and not feeding all of the hungry children or paying off your foreclosed mortgage.  He didn’t buy the watch.  Get your facts straight.

Stop with the class warfare crap while you’re at it

Regardless of whether this guy, or any other famous/rich person or athlete buys an expensive watch or car or house is really their business.  Buy a clue and stop criticizing Bubba for doing his job and living the American dream by excelling at a sport/business and reaping the benefits of it.  Get off your couch, stop eating cheese whiz, rise up off your ass and make your own million bucks instead of attacking others who have the balls and determination to do it.  When you make your million you can do whatever you want with it, including feeding hungry children or buying expensive watches.

EOR (end of rant)…

Accenture Match Play Final Round

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 27th, 2011
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Martin Kaymer

Martin Kaymer is now #1 in the world

I was really hoping Bubba Watson could win yesterday over (new world #1) Martin Kaymer.  It was a close, tough match but Kaymer came out on top 1up.  There really aren’t any weaknesses in Kaymer’s game.  It seems his game was built in the same German factories that my old BMW was.  So Kaymer moves to #1 in the world and moves to the championship match.

Matt Kuchar was lucky to get past the first round and took advantage clear up to yesterday, where he finally met the Luke Donald destruction machine.  Donald set a record for fewest holes played to this point by destroying his opponents.  Luke to the championship match against Kaymer and Kuchar plays Bubba in the consolation match.

If I understand the world rankings correctly, Luke Donald will rise to #3 in the world if he wins today.  Not sure if that pushes Tiger Woods to #5 from #4 or what other implications there are.  We’ll find out tomorrow.

The consolation match is no joke either.  Those two are playing for a pile of cash.

Accenture Match Play Snow

Click image for larger version

Snow On The Course

As predicted, a small blanket of snow was covering the golf course this morning.  They’re all going batty about it down there.  Guys, just come up here to Salt Lake.  We haven’t seen dirt or grass since November of last year.  The pic to the right is courtesy of Bubba Watson, taken this morning.  Click it for a larger image.  Nick Faldo was even seen making a snow man

The snow should melt in time, and will not be a factor in the starting times today.

Accenture Match Play Final Round TV Coverage

NBC will be broadcasting the final day from 2-6PM Eastern time.  Bubba and Kuchar tee off just after 10am, so we will only see their back nine or so.

This week’s tweets for 2011-02-27

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 27th, 2011
Categories: Miscellaneous
  • Hey Golf Channel announcer. Martin Kaymer is not playing YE Yang and therefore can’t go 3up on him.. Just saying. #
  • Boo hoo for you guys down in Arizona and the “cold.” It is SNOWING here in Salt Lake… #
  • OMG Bubba Just hit a drive 338 yards and JB Holmes out drove him by 75 yards. #
  • (more…)

Accenture Match Play Round Four Matches

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, February 26th, 2011
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Today’s morning matches for round four at the Accenture Match Play and my picks.

Ryan Moore vs Luke Donald – Donald
Matt Kuchar vs Y.E. Yang – Yang (I’ve learned my lesson)
Martin Kaymer vs Miguel Angel Jimenez – Jimenez
J.B. Holmes vs Bubba Watson – Elementary my dear Watson

Yes let the Holmes/Watson jokes begin.  This is going to be a fun group to watch though.

TV Coverage is on Golf Channel from 9am-2pm ET.

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