This week’s tweets for 2011-02-27

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 27th, 2011
Categories: Miscellaneous
  • Hey Golf Channel announcer. Martin Kaymer is not playing YE Yang and therefore can’t go 3up on him.. Just saying. #
  • Boo hoo for you guys down in Arizona and the “cold.” It is SNOWING here in Salt Lake… #
  • OMG Bubba Just hit a drive 338 yards and JB Holmes out drove him by 75 yards. #
  • Gotta crash. Have to work on my “property” tomorrow and try to watch match play after… #
  • Going to the symphony tonight. Should be fun. #
  • I want one of those lenses for my Nikon… (@golfchronicles) #
  • Mahan Ryder Cup acid flashback. #
  • JB vs Bubba: Battle of the bombers. #
  • Yang is no yoke. Takes out Graeme McDowell… #
  • Kuchar knocks out the traffic cone… #
  • Less golf robots! Golf needs more personalities and fun players to watch like @bubbawatson !!! So fun to see the shot making. #
  • OMG Bubba Watson just hit a 3-iron 286 onto the par-5 11th. Ogilvy is the same distance and didn’t hit a 3-wood that far! #
  • I’m going to add a new spasm to my swing this year… #
  • It is snowing here in Salt Lake. Alta has gotten 15 inches in the last day or so. @ZachJohnsonPGA @stewartcink #
  • Cool. (@paulazinger) #
  • Fun day, but it will now be coming to an end, with my chianti… #
  • Ah Rose beats Zach so my pick total is 22/32. #
  • 7-1 in Sam Snead Bracket, 5-3 in Bobby Jones Bracket, 4-4 in Ben Hogan Bracket, 6-1 in Gary Player bracket with one match left to play. #
  • I’d like to point out that I picked Cink over Pouler, Bjorn over Woods, Moore over Molinari and Mark Wilson over Dustin Johnson. #irule #
  • Cactus: 1 Tiger Woods: 0 #
  • Old Tiger birdies 18, new Tiger tees off on 1st playoff hole and dumps it into the junk right. #
  • First Tiger-like putt I’ve seen in a while… #
  • Oh gag Bjorn hit it in the right bunker… #
  • John Daly and Imperial Headwear are coming out with a new line. Not clear, but it looks like they’re going after the Loudmouth golf look. #
  • Finally seeing more Westwood. #
  • Wow, Bjorn shouldn’t have given Tiger that putt! #
  • Hey just saw Westwood miss a putt… #
  • Great news! TGC extending their non coverage of the #1 player in the world… #
  • #GCatWGC is there any truth to the rumor that the #1 player in the world is playing today? #
  • News flash: Tiger Woods to sign new endorsement deal with ball retriever company… #
  • wow! Tiger’s swing was bad on #3 going swimming with the fishes… #
  • Put a fork in Tiger? 1down after one hole #
  • Wow we’re 7 minutes into the broadcast on golf channel, and still haven’t seen any live golf yet. Ah here we go now. #toomuchtalk #
  • Golf Channels intro graphics are making me dizzy. Or is it the fact that the bath tub repair man just fixed a hole in the tub? #
  • Kevin Na looks to be very shaky. His swing is really whacked. #

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