Bubba Watson’s $525K watch causing a stir

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 27th, 2011
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I saw a rather rude tweet from a guy yesterday directed at Bubba Watson regarding his watch.

bubba u are a solid dude. But please quit blinging out watch worth more than than an avg person makes in a lifetime. Lame.

Bubba responded to the guy, stating that he didn’t buy the watch and that he was being paid to wear it by a sponsor.  Later Bubba must have deleted that comment because it is gone.

Bubba Watson Watch

It not only tells time, it feeds hungry children around the world...

After digging a bit more I found that my buddy Ryan Balangee of NBC Sports and Shane Bacon of Devil Ball wrote articles yesterday on the watch Bubba Watson was wearing.  The watch, by Richard Mille, is valued at $525,000.  I tried to go to the Richard Mille web site to read about the watch, but the Flash animations and things flying around made me almost barf.  As I waited and waited for more animations and things flying around to load I got more and more nauseated.  I left before all of those things could load.  I couldn’t take it.  But that is a rant for another day…

A large amount of negative comments about this watch prompted me to comment on Shane’s thread and here.

Here are a few of the boneheaded comments:

Just another example of vulgarity from the rich and famous.

Pathetic….all the want and need in the world and this guy flaunts this excessive indulgence . Sick, insensitive and callous.

A typical sports star with the attitude that everything is for me.

Before you guys criticize Bubba you should get your facts straight

Bubba is sponsored by this company, who provided him this watch to wear and is PAYING HIM.  Like most players on the PGA Tour, every damn part of is outfit, golf bag and who knows what else is sponsored and provided for him, down to his socks.  Hell, I bet even his underwear is sponsored.

Stop criticizing Bubba for buying a half million dollar watch and not feeding all of the hungry children or paying off your foreclosed mortgage.  He didn’t buy the watch.  Get your facts straight.

Stop with the class warfare crap while you’re at it

Regardless of whether this guy, or any other famous/rich person or athlete buys an expensive watch or car or house is really their business.  Buy a clue and stop criticizing Bubba for doing his job and living the American dream by excelling at a sport/business and reaping the benefits of it.  Get off your couch, stop eating cheese whiz, rise up off your ass and make your own million bucks instead of attacking others who have the balls and determination to do it.  When you make your million you can do whatever you want with it, including feeding hungry children or buying expensive watches.

EOR (end of rant)…

9 responses to “Bubba Watson’s $525K watch causing a stir”

  1. Scott says:

    He has agreed to promote the ostentatious snobbery of plutocrats. He just lost me as a fan. I just hope he doesn’t lose that left hand in the back alley of some upscale restaurant. Though it would serve him right. If you’re walking around with 500 grand strapped to your wrist, you’re nothing but an idiot.

  2. Kyle S. says:

    I think you summed it up nicely. Rafael Nadal went through the same thing with his fans (he also has a $525,000 watch by the same watchmaker). As a “watch blogger” (first to cover both the Rafa RM watch and the Bubba RM watch), I love these sponsorships/partnerships with the athletes — however it is quite interesting to see the not-so-positive reaction of the sports fans !

  3. Jared says:

    I have a hard time believing that all those people complaining would actually turn down a person who said “Hey! Would you like me to pay you to wear this watch that costs over half a million dollars?” I’m pretty sure I can not find anyone who actually given that opportunity would say no.

  4. bobztwin says:

    Nice rant about the American Dream! When more people are in the cart than pulling, guess what? Can you buy cheese whiz with food stamps?

  5. SimonM says:


    Totally agree with your POV on this. We (still) live in the best country in the world and can make our own opportunities to generate wealth. I personally have worked my butt off in sales to be successful and actually did make a million bucks one year. I may not be close to that income right now, but I know I can do it again…only because the freedom in this country allows me to.

  6. Legalbgl says:

    People are insane. If someone would pay me to wear a $10 watch I would, Why not a half million dollar watch? Who cares?!? Guy makes more money playing golf then he probably knows what to do with. You think Tiger’s Tag Heuer was cheap? What about athletes/actors who drive Lamborghini’s? Anyone see picture’s of Jeter’s new house in Tampa? Still have that picture of Tiger’s mansion around?

    Celebs have money and half million dollar watches exist for them and the uber-rich business men who run wall street. That watch is not for you or me. Its so when he plays in the pro-am with the CEO of some company he can show it off and they buy it.

    Plus, I saw the interview, he didn’t brag about it or anything. The guy from NBC (don’t remember who it was) asked about it, he said it was from a sponsor gave the name, and didn’t even hold it up to the camera. I thought he handled it pretty well. Better than when Sergio won the Players a few years back and couldn’t stop mentioning his new driver — is there any difference?

    Lastly, for all of you who say that he should donate money, etc. I would bet that he donates tons of money to charity and helps raise even more for charity. So get off his back on this!

  7. Scott says:

    He is wearing a watch that most working stiffs can’t afford. He has a golf game that most of the rest of the world can’t match. This includes the rich and elite. If any of us had the skill set that Bubba has – we would definitely be getting paid to wear it.

  8. Will says:

    Following Tony’s rant (with which I agree), since when is success a crime? And to those who resent his success, you’re probably a failure at what you do.
    I’m happy for those who do well, and wish the best for the rest (except for those who are spiteful and undeserving).

  9. Thanks Will. One way to guarantee that I won’t delete your comment is to agree with me… 😉





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