2009 Club Championship Round One

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 19th, 2009
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The thing I want to win most every year is my club championship. I did manage to do that back in 2005. Back then it was match play, which is the best form of golf for this sort of thing in my opinion. To survive matchplay and win after knocking out everyone was the most proud moment I’ve had in golf, more than shooting in the 60’s or having a hole in one. But the club members decided to change it to two 18 hole rounds a few years ago.

Not at my best coming in

This has been a tough year on my game. My real world outside of golf, and my bad back have combined to hurt my level of play pretty badly. As a result I’ve gone up from a 1 handicap to a 4. That may sound crazy to whine about that, but imagine if you were a 10 handicap and went up to a 40. That’s the same proportion in my opinion, since I truly believe golf handicaps to be an exponential curve.

2009 Championship Round One

If I threw out holes 1, 6 and 15 from my 1st round of this year’s club championship I’d be one over par. Unfortunately on those three holes I carded double bogeys. The most frustrating one was on #15 where my drive hit the right side of the fairway, then bounced into the right rough. I never found the ball. Had to go back and re-tee.

I don’t know where I stand going into round two, but it is pretty safe to say that I’m probably a good 5-7 shots back from contention. Maybe not, if the other A players flamed out but I doubt it.

I was pretty unhappy about my round, and frustrated after leaving no less than six putts dead in the jaws short about 3 inches. There were many strokes left on the course.

I may still have a chance, in which case I’ll give it my best shot in round two next Tuesday.

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