Another activity I do…

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
Categories: Life

Tony on ZendrumSome may know I’m a professional musician. Along with playing the drums for about 38 years, I’ve been playing a unique instrument called a Zendrum for a few years.

I play in a very odd band called Zentherstick, which plays music as unique as the instruments we own. Here’s a shot of me playing last weekend at a western stampede on the 4th of July. Notice my Tattoo Golf shirt and my SUMI-G golf belt?

I must be the only person on this planet to wear a Tattoo Golf shirt, SUMI-G golf belt, and play Zendrum at a western stampede!

3 responses to “Another activity I do…”

  1. golfmanagement says:

    If you are looking to be unique, I guess you found it.

  2. friendlygolfer says:

    First of all, thanx for an entertaining golf blog!
    Secondly, what on earth made you try to hit a golf ball through a TV??? 🙂
    Thirdly, I’m a musician too, keyboardist. I like that drum thing!
    Fourthly, You seem to like golf apparel, I made a whole collection with just the name “GOLF”. No brands, just the game. I thought you’d might like it. It’s here:

    That’s about it 🙂 Cheers!

  3. friendlygolfer says:

    Wow, I got a fifth thing to say.
    I really like ZenTherStick! Cool combo, and with the Theremine! Just 3 of the coolest craziest instruments available 🙂

    Oke, well I’ll stop ranting now. Good luck with everything.