I hold in my hand a winning Arizona powerball lottery ticket!

Written by: Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru | Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
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powerball arizona lottery winning ticketEvery Winter about 20 guys in my group of golf pals go to St. George, Utah to get out of the frozen tundra and play some golf. One or two nights on each trip we trek about 40 minutes Southwest to Mesquite, Nevada for pizza and gambling. Between St. George and Mesquite you pass through a small corner of the state of Arizona. There’s a little RV park and gas station where we always stop and pick up an Arizona lottery ticket. We usually purchase 10 powerball draws. They draw the powerball twice a week, so for the next five weeks after the trip I have a shot at winning.

The Winning Lottery Ticket

I logged in to the Arizona lottery web site this morning to check one last time because my 10 draws were done. I WON! In the picture here, you see me (wearing a CBUK CB DryTec™ Cargo Polo Shirt by the way) holding the golden winning ticket! I promise to give 1/2 of my net winnings to charity.

Early Retirement?

They draw five numbers and a sixth “powerball” number. It was hard for me to figure out just how much I won but I did. As it turns out, I only hit the final number: 42. So on March 19th I became $3.00 richer. Yes, $3.00. They say winning the lottery changes your life. We’ll see.

Happy To Give To Charity

I can send in my winning ticket via mail to collect. I believe lottery winnings have something like a 40% tax rate. So that knocks me down to $1.80. After spedning $.41 on a first class stamp (or is it $.43 now?), my net winnings will be $1.39. Half of $1.39 is $.69.5. I’ll round up half a cent, so I’ll be sending off my 70 cents to the charity of my choice when I get my check.

One response to “I hold in my hand a winning Arizona powerball lottery ticket!”

  1. Miranda says:

    Lucky you! I never even get one number when I play Powerball.





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