Ogilvy ends Tiger’s win streak, so I hear

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 24th, 2008
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It had to happen to Tiger eventually. There’s NO way he could go undefeated in a season, especially with majors like the U.S. Open where one measly bad swing can cost you the tournament.

Geoff Ogilvy definitely has ice water in his veins and seems to be one of the few who don’t completely turn to mush when they have a chance to beat Tiger. Congrats to Geoff.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch ANY of this last week’s PGA Tour coverage due to my moving of HOG headquarters. I’ve got 99.7% of HOGHQ and my personal effects moved to my new and spacious place, still walking distance from my home course. But I’m handicapped due to my lack of an internet connection, TV or phone until this Thursday. It sucks to be so dependent and connected via the internet and then have the cable cut. I need my binky!

Tomorrow is league and I haven’t hit a ball in a week. I’m excited to get my work done in the morning and then take the rest of the day off!

One response to “Ogilvy ends Tiger’s win streak, so I hear”

  1. andybrowngolf says:

    Come to think of it even in the Arnold Palmer Invitational Tiger’s putting wasn’t really up to the mark. That putt on the final hole was after all the only putt outside the 20 foot mark that he managed to hole. While this loss in no way means that Tiger will not lay his hands on anymore silverware this season, in fact if anything the upset at Doral would spur him to hunt down the Majors with greater determination but what was really heartening was to see Geoff Ogilvy manage to hold his own really well in that field. More than the final round, I believe it was the third round that was crucial , when Tiger was near the top again, Ogilvy could have easily capitulated under the Tiger pressure, but he seems to have answered Vijay Singh’s clarion call of taking the Tiger by the horns(!?!?).

    Atleast he seems to have dissipated that Tiger aura that was building up this season and could easily have clouded the mindset of other players. Now they know, Tiger is not practicing Voodoo, he is quite beatable, whether that would happen again this season, well I don’t know but the other guys, encouraged by Ogilvy’s showing would not back down from a fight.





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