New spikes. Placebo or not? I don’t care.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, October 28th, 2007
Categories: Hackers

My game has been slipping for the last couple of months. I’ve had a few “OK” rounds in the low 70’s and some real hack festivals. The worst thing over the last while is actually knowing that my ball striking and contact is getting worse and worse, and having no idea how to fix it.

I had a box of replacement spikes for my Adidas golf shoes sitting in my garage for practically all season. I finally threw them in my bag and between holes a few days ago put FOUR spikes in. There’s a section on my right foot where the spikes wear the most. Getting those spikes out is a lesson in pain, and how many layers of skin can you scrape from the palm of your hand.

I used to hit my irons very well. I used to snap them. I used to pinch them between my club and the ground and get an explosive result. Lately though, I’ve started picking my irons clean off the ground and hitting them a bit thin and weak. I’ve been missing greens like crazy too. It can be very hard on your mental game when you don’t have confidence, even from 100 yards.

After getting a measly FOUR spikes installed during my round Tuesday, I hit a PURE iron shot on the par-3 12th. I hit as pure of a shot as I’d hit in 1.5-2 months. That pure shot hit the green. I’d been missing that green for 2 months. I drained the seven foot birdie putt. On the 13th hole, I bombed a driver straight down the middle of the fairway. I’d been missing that fairway for many rounds. A pure hybrid shot landed on the green and I had a 15 foot eagle putt. Though I didn’t drain the eagle, my two inch birdie felt great. For the rest of the 18 holes I hit pure shot after pure shot.


My final score was my best ever, a 68. I’d been hovering around 80 for a long time (which is not good for me), but still putting well. I had just told my pal Dave that if I could hit a green I’d shoot in the 60’s…

My game has been slipping, literally. My traction has been getting worse and worse and making my ball striking go down the crapper. Now I’m in “maintenance mode” with all my gear. I’ve changed out all my spikes with subsequent rounds of 76 in high wind and a 74 yesterday which brought riches and bragging rights to me from my golf friends/opponents.


Make sure your spikes are not worn out. Make sure your grips are fresh (that’s next for me). Make sure your gear is well maintained. It may make the difference between mediocre rounds and shooting some great scores.

2 responses to “New spikes. Placebo or not? I don’t care.”

  1. Cal says:

    Love to stay and read, but I have some spikes to change…

    Already changed the grips a month ago. Didn’t really help.

    I think I’ll just have to accept I’m a mediocre golfer!

  2. I knew I had forgotten something lately.

    I’d love to stay and talk, but I gotta run and get some new soft spikes !





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