A country club in Manhattan?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 18th, 2007
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driver495 logoI did a post a while ago about a cool golf training facility in the Empire State Building which specializes in golf training. Now another golf facility has opened in NYC.

First country club in Manhattan

Drive 495 golf manhattan NYC

“Drive 495” is probably the first “country club” located inside a building in Manhattan. This club comes complete with workout facilities and a virtual golf club. The club charges membership dues on a yearly basis just like a standard country club would. The cost is $5,000 per year with a limited membership of 500 to keep down the crowds. Personal trainers and golf instructors range from $100/hour to $350/hour. You can even rent the entire place out for $6,000-$7,000 bucks a night for a corporate event.

Just like a real club

Just like a real golf club, Drive 495 has a cafe, lounge, a real locker room, workout facilities, putting green, virtual driving range/course and more.

drive 495 golf manhattan NYC

Two brothers with large golf balls

The facility was founded by two brothers still in their 20’s, Don and Joe Saladino. They ponied up $4 million to start up the venture. Don and Joe not only have large golf balls for starting this thing up, they have a great ability to drum up venture capital from friends, family and whoever.

For more check out http://www.driveclubs.com.

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