All Smiles For Lefty

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, August 15th, 2005
Categories: PGA Tour
Phil Mickelson
2005 PGA Champion


Lefty notched his 2nd major championship and his 4th victory of the season today. This elevates him to another level in my opinion, like him or not. There are plenty of players out there with one major, but winning two is whole new ball game.

Some thoughts:
In the last two years Tiger has two majors, Phil has two majors.
Phil is now half way to a career slam.
The “Big 4” turned into the “Big 5,” but now it should be called the “Big 3.”

4 responses to “All Smiles For Lefty”

  1. skostiuk says:

    Huray for Philly cheesecake…I’m glad to see him win his 2nd career major. I don’t agree with the “Big 3” because of the success Goosen has had (multiple Major Wins) – in fact, Phil was the only Big 5 player to not have multiple majors won.

    Phil is right where he should be, #3 in the world. Kind of ironic that the top 3 ranked golfers all have 4 wins on the season, 3 majors between them and a crap load of top 5s in the majors.

  2. soros says:

    As much as I hate that goofy smile Mickelson always seems to wear around the course, it’s a good thing he won. Seeing Tiger win his third would have been great but this Mickelson win can only help golf, it’s ratings, the general fan enthusiasm, etc. (the extreme end of it would be someone like Tiger winning all 4, every year… that aint much fun..)

    Mickelson fans have really haven’t had much to cheer about this year… I can’t even remember where he won those three previous tournaments in 2005… Too bad it had to end on Monday, it’s so anti-dramatic 🙁

  3. skostiuk says:

    Ole Philly cheesecake won the FBR Open, the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and the Bellsouth Classic

  4. dmaninmoval says:

    It is interesting to me that no one in the media or anywhere for that matter has made much of the comment by Phil’s dad after his son won on Monday. His father said that if Tiger were not on the scene, Phil would be getting all the attention. Hmmmmm, I find that pretty interesting for a number of reasons. 1) Last time I checked, Mr. #3 in the world is 35 years old (3 years younger then me I might add) and just one his first major last year at the Master’s. Where was Phil prior to 1997 when Tiger won the Master’s his first major and pro start by a whopping 12 shots at the age of 21.
    2) For 12 years straight prior to last year, Phil has never one a major. Yea sure being in the top 5 or 10 is nice but it is kinda like Dan Marino having all those records but no ring. 3) Tiger takes two years to retool his swing which he takes tremendous flack for,changes coaches and gets slammed by all in the know for being maybe “human”. He not only comes back this year with a vengence but comes back by spanking the boys real hard and brings them back to reality. Not only does he regain the number one spot that he loaned to Vijay for a few months but is also leading the money list and is most surely going to be the Player of the Year again. They say love is blind, Mr. Mickelson sorry to burst your bubble but your kid really isn’t that good to begin with. But hey, his wife and kids loves’em!





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