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TGC wants to mic up players? Is that a good idea?

01.05.11 | Category: Golf MediaPGA TourPro GolfTiger Woods

So Golf Channel wants to mic up some PGA Tour players eh?  And by the way folks, being a former audio engineer for 25+ years I want to clarify that […]


Did Adam Barr Golf acquire Golf Channel’s email list?

07.16.10 | Category: Golf Media

My inbox just chimed…  Two emails from Adam Barr Golf.  I’ve been getting these spam emails from Adam Barr Golf the last while, on two different email addresses.   I never […]


Behind Golf Channel’s Live Broadcast – Part One

03.20.10 | Category: Golf MediaGolf VideosMiscellaneousPGA Tour

Post removed at the request of Golf Channel…


Coming soon: Behind the scenes at a PGA Tour event with Golf Channel

03.18.10 | Category: Golf MediaSite News

I’m working on a very fun and informative post. It isn’t done yet but I just have to let the cat out of the bag because it is going to […]


Stina Sterberg is in love with me

02.10.10 | Category: Golf VideosMiscellaneous

I was watching Stina Sternberg at the PGA Show demo day. She was doing some reporting for Golf Channel. She just couldn’t keep her eyes off me. I even have […]


The Haney Project – Charles Barkley On Golf Channel

03.02.09 | Category: Golf MediaGolf VideosHackersMiscellaneous

Tonight is the premier of the Haney Project, where Tiger Woods’ coach Hank Haney will be attempting to fix Charles Barkley’s swing. I wish Hank luck. Sorta famous If you […]

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