TGC wants to mic up players? Is that a good idea?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
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So Golf Channel wants to mic up some PGA Tour players eh?  And by the way folks, being a former audio engineer for 25+ years I want to clarify that the correct spelling is “mic” and not “mike.”  “Mic” is short for “microphone” alright?

Is putting mics on the players that great of an idea?  Yes it may make the game more interesting, but will it backfire?

I’ve caught some great audio when live golf is on TV.  There was the time Fred Couples was in a playoff in some tournament and dumped a tee shot in a water hazard:

“God damn it I hate this f**king game.”

Another time Freddy (love the guy, don’t get me wrong ok?) walks up to a green and despite being just a few feet off the green, his ball is buried deep in grass which the grounds crew must have missed when they mowed.  A fan laughs, then Fred looks at him:

“Yeah that’s pretty f**king funny.”

How about the millions of F-bombs Tiger has dropped on the course?

Then there’s the Tiger Woods Buick Invitational fart incident last year.  Someone right next to a microphone lets a huge fart go, Tiger and his caddy Steve are laughing uncontrollably.  They thought perhaps it was David Feherty.  I had that video posted on YouTube, but TGC or CBS or whoever was doing the broadcast that day had it pulled.

On second thought, I like the idea!

2 responses to “TGC wants to mic up players? Is that a good idea?”

  1. Paul says:

    what an awsome idea!! particularly if we get to hear the deliberations with caddies on club/shot choices. so much to learn for the amateur golfer. can’t wait! when? when? when?

  2. Yes the deliberation between player and caddy is the prize. We already hear a lot of that now with the shotgun mics. We hear a lot of Phil and Bones already.