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TGC wants to mic up players? Is that a good idea?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
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So Golf Channel wants to mic up some PGA Tour players eh?  And by the way folks, being a former audio engineer for 25+ years I want to clarify that the correct spelling is “mic” and not “mike.”  “Mic” is short for “microphone” alright?

Is putting mics on the players that great of an idea?  Yes it may make the game more interesting, but will it backfire?

I’ve caught some great audio when live golf is on TV.  There was the time Fred Couples was in a playoff in some tournament and dumped a tee shot in a water hazard:

“God damn it I hate this f**king game.”

Another time Freddy (love the guy, don’t get me wrong ok?) walks up to a green and despite being just a few feet off the green, his ball is buried deep in grass which the grounds crew must have missed when they mowed.  A fan laughs, then Fred looks at him:

“Yeah that’s pretty f**king funny.”

How about the millions of F-bombs Tiger has dropped on the course?

Then there’s the Tiger Woods Buick Invitational fart incident last year.  Someone right next to a microphone lets a huge fart go, Tiger and his caddy Steve are laughing uncontrollably.  They thought perhaps it was David Feherty.  I had that video posted on YouTube, but TGC or CBS or whoever was doing the broadcast that day had it pulled.

On second thought, I like the idea!

Augusta National in a video game for the first time

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
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Tiger Woods Augusta National PGA Tour EA Sports

Tiger tees off at Augusta, 8th hole

Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12 will be a groundbreaking video game by EA Sports.  Not in the technology necessarily, but in the fact that for the first time Augusta National Golf Club will be featured in a video game.

Soon video game players will be able to play the famous par-3 12th hole, Amen Corner, try to hit the Eisenhower Tree…

Peter Moore, president of EA SPORTS:

“For more than a decade, the Masters Tournament has been the most requested and coveted feature for the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise among our fans.  Pairing the number one golf video game franchise with the most prestigious golf tournament in the world is a perfect marriage and we’re thrilled to bring our fans this exciting opportunity to experience Augusta National Golf Club like never before.”

Billy Payne, Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club:

“Our sincere motivation is to draw an even greater audience to this wonderful sport and continue to inspire its growth by building off the success seen in previous versions of the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise.  The beauty of Augusta National and the rich history of the Masters have inspired the dreams of golfers for generations. Three years of collaboration with EA SPORTS has resulted in a game we feel presents a truly authentic Masters experience.”

Tiger Woods:

“I am very happy and excited that the Masters Tournament is featured in the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR game.  There are many new and unique elements in the game that will make everyone feel like they’re really competing at Augusta National. This is great for the sport and will connect a new audience with the Masters, a tournament I’ve been fortunate to experience since 1995. Continually growing the visibility of golf is important to attracting newcomers to the sport, and I agree that showcasing the Masters Tournament in the game will bring an entirely new dimension to that approach.”

Tony Korologos:

“I’d rather play real golf than a video game.  I’m better at that.”

A Look Back At 2010 – HOG

Part two of my look back at 2010.  This one is from the HOG (Hooked On Golf Blog) perspective.  What big events and happenings happened to, with or by HOG this last year?  Check out part one, A Look Back At 2010 – The Golf World.


In January 2010 I was able to nail down sponsors for the year’s fantasy golf.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get Rife Putters to come through with a prize at the end of the season after my contact left the company.

Of course, the buzz was the Tiger Woods scandal and I blogged about it a lot.

I started a new gig, working as national sales manager for Sumi-G.  Over the course of the year I’d build up a rep force in the USA for the company, as well as work on many media related items like the company web site etc.  That gig ended (on good terms so no worries) in October.

January saw me traveling to the PGA Merchandise show with Sumi-G and experiencing a perspective to the PGA Show which I hadn’t seen before.  That was one of working very hard for 15 hour days on and in the booth, meeting and talking with potential customers.


February I continued to blog and review gear.

Tried to tune in to Pebble Beach but couldn’t stand all the hack “stars” like George Lopez.


March was huge.  On March 1st I found a letter from Augusta National, letting me know that I had tickets to the Tuesday practice round at the Masters!  My life would forever be changed.

Sand Hollow Golf Course

On March 3rd I posted a review of Sand Hollow Golf Course, one of the coolest courses I’ve EVER played.

On March 12 I was in Puerto Rico, covering the PGA Tour’s Puerto Rico Open.  On my first night there I got to hang out with one of the coolest cats ever in golf, Chi Chi Rodriguez.  The next night I met Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe.  What a gig.  During the off hours of  tournament I hung out in the casino with Rocco Mediate and Rory Sabbatini for about an hour.

While in Puerto Rico, I shot a two part series of videos, interviews and photos of The Golf Channel.  It was a very cool “behind the scenes” look at a live broadcast by TGC and the people who make it happen.  Months later, I was contacted and asked to pull it because nobody had “permission.”  Party poopers if you ask me.


Tiger Woods Masters


In April I started the first ever “HOG Putter Week” where I reviewed putters like the Nike Method, Heavy Putter Mid Weight K4-M, Double Duty Divot Repair Putter, Bob Burns Roll-In Putter, Bettinardi BB32 Putter,

On April 7 my “Dream Foursome” attended the Tuesday Masters Tournament practice round at Augusta National Golf Club.  I’ll never be the same and it was SO cool to have my best friend, my son and my dad there with me!  Man that was cool.


We saw the birth of the new category “How Not To.”

May 22 I married the most awesome lady in the universe! The day before I won my own tournament, the Non Annual Korologos Wedding Invitational Golf Tournament.

Started playing with the new Bridgestone B330-RX and B330-RXS golf balls.  One of my favorites now.


Speaking of Bridgestone, I had my first Bridgestone ball fitting on June 6th.

Tiger Woods divorce and scandal was still the big talk.  Divorce wasn’t confirmed yet, but rumors were flying that Elin was going to get $750 million.  That estimate was a little off.

On June 21st, my pop and I won the club’s annual Father’s Day tournament.

Graeme McDowell won the US OPEN.

In possibly my best work ever, I posted the Potty Putter Review.

For the first time in 10 years plus, I finished in the money in the Salt Lake City Amateur golf tournament, despite finishing bogey double-bogey on the 35th and 36th holes.


Summer heat, the altitude of Salt Lake, and no moisture in the air added up to the longest shots of the year.   350 yard drives, 205 yard 7-irons, 150 yard gap wedges…

I post my lowest round of the year on my home course on July 11th, a 69 from the black tees (tips).

My friend and St. Andrews caddy John Boyne posts an awesome three part guide to St. Andrews for the British Open.



Hooked On Golf Blog gets a new logo.  I like skulls.

HOG moves to a new, faster, bigger dedicated server because the site is getting so much traffic the old server was melting down!

Played in a great charity tournament for Homes For Our Troops, an organization which builds homes for disabled veterans.


In a move which rarely happens, I put a new putter in the bag.  My Dornoch Putter by Grant Mackay is the best putter EVER.

I shoot my best score ever at Wingpointe Golf Course, an Arthur Hills design.  That 70 topped my previous lowest round of the year because it was -2 for 18 while my 69 at River Oaks as -1 (par 70).  Needless to say, my opponents were hurting pretty bad that day.

I review the fanciest golf shoes I’ve ever worn, Royal Albatross’ hand made Italian leather Black Jack Nero Golf Shoes.

Vdara Las Vegas


I travel to Colonial Williamsburg to review the two great courses there, Golden Horseshoe Green Course and Gold Course.  I also do a review on the Historic Area in Colonial Williamsburg.

After six years, I retire as president of my local men’s club at the final tournament of the year, Hell Day.

I reviewed the Vdara Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas.

I started a new food and drink web site called MegaChomp.

Posted a bunch of Ryder Cup blogs.

In October my working relationship with Sumi-G ended, but my golfing relationship continues!


On November 16th my YouTube golf channel topped 3,000,000 views.

Posted the annual HOG Turkey Awards, featuring the year’s biggest boneheads in the golf world.

On November 30th, I posted my 3000th golf blog.

I travel to Notre Dame University to watch my Utah Utes football team.  Despite the Utes terrible performance on the field, visiting Notre Dame with my best friends and my dad was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.

I find a picture of myself sitting on the potty, in the men’s restroom at a local golf course.



I travel to Puerto Rico, Mexico.  There I review Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club, Palmilla Golf Club and the One And Only Palmilla Resort.  I also happen to enjoy the 83 degree weather while my friends back home were freezing to death.

I post my look back at the golf world in 2010.

On 12/22 I review the new Nike Sport Cart Bag.

On 12/11 the HOG Golf Photo Gallery went over the 13,000 image mark.

On 12/31/10 I vowed to blog my golf ass off in 2011!

A look back at 2010 – The Golf World

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 31st, 2010
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2010 was a hell of a year on many levels.  I’m going to break it down into three categories: The Golf World, HOG and Personal.  Today’s post will be The Golf World category.

Man did a lot of amazing things happen in the 2010 golf world!?  There are so many threads to the Tiger Woods story, which by every account on nearly every golf media outlet, was the biggest story of the year.

Tiger Woods

Not a lot of fist pumps in 2010 for TW.

Tiger Woods

Here’s a quick bullet list of all that which comprises the Tiger story for 2010, in no particular order.  I’m sure I’m missing something, but these are straight out of my cerebral cortex:

The Tiger Woods divorce.
The big televised apology.
Sponsors dropping Tiger, resulting in an estimated $48 million drop in earnings for TW.
The mistresses and all of their whackiness, trying to find some way of milking TW or whoever else’s tit they could suckle.
Tiger loses #1 ranking to Lee Westwood, on Halloween.
Tiger plays the entire calendar year of 2010 without a win.
Tiger on another losing Ryder Cup team.
Tiger changes putters from the Scotty Cameron to the Nike Method.
Tiger’s return at The Masters.  I watched him on the Tuesday practice round.
Tiger records worst 18 hole score of his professional career.
Tiger’s coach Hank Haney resigns, clarifying that it was his decision and not Tiger’s.
Guy tries to sell Tiger’s Titleist irons on ebay for $250,000.
Tail of the Tiger golf balls come out, creator sued by TW mistresses.
Tiger fails to qualify for the Tour Championship.
Though he doesn’t typically play it anyway, he doesn’t qualify for the Hyundai Championship (formerly The Mercedes) in Hawaii.
Tiger posts his first twitter tweet.
New photos of Tiger Woods home are released, complete with golf practice facility in the back yard.

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson had a tough, but great year

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson had two majors in the palm of his hands but couldn’t seal the deal.  He had a three shot lead on Sunday at the US OPEN but eventually lost that by going triple-bogey, double-bogey (including a shanked chip), to eventual winner Graeme McDowell.

PGA Championship’s “Bunker Gate” was one of the craziest finishes I’ve seen in a major championship.  The grounding of the club by DJ on that 18th hole approach which cost him a penalty and a spot in the playoff was mind boggling.

Later DJ won the BMW during the FedEx Cup playoffs.

Jim Furyk

Furyk won the FedEx Cup and all the cash

Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk was steady Eddie all year, and proved that the tortoise wins the race.  Despite being DQ’d for missing a pro-am after sleeping in, Jim won the FedEx cup and the $10 million prize.  Hey Jim, got any spare cash I can borrow?

Ryder Cup

As I predicted, the USA Ryder Cup team lost to Europe.  At the end, it turned out to be a closer match than I anticipated and the finish was exciting.  Hunter Mahan felt the pressure and didn’t perform as well as he wanted, and in the post round interviews was so shaken up that he couldn’t really talk.

Two 59’s This Year

Stuart Appleby (comeback player of the year) shot a 59 at the Old White course, Greenbriar Classic.  Paul Goydos also shot a 59 at the John Deer.

Jail Time For Jim Thorpe

Champions Tour player Jim Thorpe was jailed for tax evasion.

Matt Kuchar

33/1 odds to win the money title a 2nd year in a row

Matt Kuchar

Matt Kuchar won the money title with a great surge at the end of the season.  I vividly remember standing behind Matt on #15 at Augusta last April.  Fun stuff.

Ian Poulter

Poulter won is first tournament on US soil thanks to a spectacular short game display.

Puerto Rico Open

I attended the PGA Tour’s Puerto Rico Open, hung out with a bunch of PGA Tour guys and shot a lot of photos.  Gained a new respect his raw talent when I followed around John Daly.

John Daly Pants

JD's pants were the story

John Daly

Speaking of John Daly, it seems like JD’s pants were more of a story than his golf game in 2010.

Lorena Ochoa

In a very surprising and unexpected event, #1 LPGA player Lorena Ochoa retired in her prime.

The Masters

I attend my first Masters practice round with my dad my son and my best friend.  My group shoots over 1100 photos of Augusta National and the Masters!  What a great experience.

Phil Mickelson won the 2010 Masters.

Phil Mickelson

Speaking of Phil, he had the chance to gain the #1 world ranking but faded a bit in the latter half of the season.  It was then revealed that Phil was diagnosed with severe psoriatic arthritis.


Acushnet sells Cobra to Puma.

Win McMurry

"Tiger's bulging d*ck"

Tiger’s Bulging Dick?

Hot Golf Channel babe Win McMurry had a hilarious Freudian slip and talked about Tiger’s bulging “dick.”

Rory McIlroy’s 62

At Quail Hollow, Rory McIlroy fired a stunning 62 to win.


Excuse me?  Fetch you a tissue?  Louis Oosthuizen wins the (British) Open Championship at St. Andrews.

Erica Blasberg

In a very strange and mysterious event, Erica Blasberg was found dead in her residence in Las Vegas.

Cigar Guy

A guy wearing a fake wig, mustache and smoking a cigar was seen in the crowd at the Ryder Cup in a picture where Tiger Woods hit the photographer.

Cigar Guy

Cigar Guy

“Cigar Guy” was born and became a huge sensation all over the web.

Happy Birthday Tiger Woods

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, December 30th, 2010
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Tiger Woods

Tiger turns 35 today

Today is Tiger Woods’ 35th birthday.

Happy birthday from HOG to TW.

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