Transitions, Bay Hill, Masters

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 18th, 2011
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Transitions Championship

Sergio Garcia

The Transitions Championship is this week. There has been a lot of press about Sergio Garcia’s return and how exciting that is.  Unless he’s undergone a complete brain transplant, I’m not sure the prospect of Sergio’s return is all that great to me.  Time will tell if he does come into the game with a better attitude and actually enjoys it.  He was tough to watch last year, dragging his wrists on the fairways and all slumped over.  Very depressing.

Garcia is already playing his 2nd round, and has gotten himself to -6 which is one shot behind the current leaders.

Bay Hill/Masters

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods

Despite the fact that the Transitions Championship is this week, it seems that there’s been more coverage about the fact that Tiger Woods has committed to playing Bay Hill next week.  News flash: Tiger playing the Arnold Palmer Invitational isn’t news. Tiger ALWAYS plays Bay Hill.  You can set your clock by it.  And more big news is that Tiger has officially committed to play the Masters.  Oh really? I thought he was going to skip The Masters and rest up for playing the Texas Open the following week.

Phil MickelsonPhil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson has confirmed Bay Hill and the Shell Houston Open on his schedule as a tune up for The Masters.  Some golf scribes are already saying that Phil isn’t physically what he was due to the arthritis, and that we’ve seen the best of him come and go.  They say he won’t win the Masters.  I don’t think you can use the tournaments prior to the Masters as a gauge any more.  Phil gets so geared up for Augusta and loves that tournament/course so much I think we won’t know the state of his real game until then.  And I hope he wins another one.

Jhonny VegasJhonny Vegas/Masters

It is cool to see the comments on Twitter by some of the players who are about to be playing their first Masters.  I felt so happy for Jhonnatan Vegas when he Tweeted and shot a picture coming down Magnolia Lane.  I doubt he’ll really tear up Augusta for his first time, but he does have the game to do it.

Fred Funk

So I’m mentioning all these super big guns on the PGA Tour and the next highlight is Fred Funk?  That’s because I just finished an interview with Fred.  Stay tuned for that interview coming up soon.

2 responses to “Transitions, Bay Hill, Masters”

  1. martin says:

    Well, we are also getting a lot of coverage of Tiger because EA has him back promoting the new game. And they need to, sales were abysmal last year, and they need it to hit. And Tiger needs it to hit too, I am sure that EA is wondering now if they can drop Tiger when his contract is up and go with someone a little cheaper and with less negatives – and maybe someone who has won in the last year or so. BTW- I ordered the Collectors edition for the PS3 and can’t wait.

    But Tiger is also getting coverage because he ended T10! Woo Hoo, he is back! I am not sure I am buying into that – it wasn’t that long ago he ended second in a tournament from a playoff with Graeme McDowell. I am not sure why 3 months later he is back by being at T10 now. I do think it is a matter of time before he wins and that might be at Bay Hill or the Memorial. I just don’t think he is the odds on for any tournament though – I can’t tell you who would win, but I have some money I would like to put on some guys to at least go T5 or better, and there are about 5 guys on that list and Tiger ain’t one.

    I agree with you on Phil. If I have a bet where I have to pick one tournamanet for Phil to win this year, I am picking Augusta. And while I like Phil, I am not going to get excited in any tournament except the Masters if he is in contention. I won’t get excited, I won’t. I won’t. And I won’t get excited about Freddie either. No I won’t. Ok, maybe just a little excited with both of them. But just a little.

  2. Jess says:

    Cant wait to attend the The Masters Golf 2011 with my best friend! SOLICITATION REMOVED – CONTACT HOG REGARDING ADVERTISING!





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