Tiger Woods golf swing iPhone application – Let the jokes begin

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
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Tiger Woods iPhone Application

Tiger Woods iPhone Application - click for more TW images

The timing of releasing a Tiger Woods swing iPhone application couldn’t be any worse.  Tiger’s swing has been anything but consistent of late.  Golf pundits and TV talking heads have criticized and critiqued the swing until the cows came home.  Tiger’s swing coaches old and new are trading body blows in the press and on Twitter.

Let the jokes begin.  I’ll go ahead and start it off…

Tiger Woods iPhone swing app features:

  • The block right
  • The smother hook
  • How to spit in Dubai
  • How to properly drop F Bombs
  • How to drop your head three feet in your downswing
  • How to throw clubs over the gallery
  • How to say “it’s a process”
  • How to take a proven winning swing and overhaul it for two years
  • How to increase your hearing so you can hear lens shutters in your back swing from 500 yards
  • How to abandon the stinger
  • How to lay off the club too much in the back swing

Bonus caddy feature:

  • How to smash cameras

Hopefully I’ll be getting my hands on a promotional copy soon so I can post a review…

2 responses to “Tiger Woods golf swing iPhone application – Let the jokes begin”

  1. Discover Golf says:

    I thought same thing, terrible timing for him to be coming out with an educational swing analysis he should spend more time on his own. One joke you forgot was if the app will have as many updates as his swing.

  2. iPhone Development says:

    Here is another one ..How to SwING in norwegian 🙂 Good timing for this app,