Happy Birthday Bobby Jones – Wish I could have met you

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 17th, 2011
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Bobby Jones

Happy birthday Bobby Jones

Happy birthday to my favorite golfer of all time, Bobby Jones.  Yes, ironically Bobby Jones was born on St. Patrick’s Day. No wonder everything at the Masters is green.

I had the pleasure of meeting golf’s greatest professional, Jack Nicklaus.  Unfortunately I never had the chance to meet golf’s greatest amateur, Robert Tyre Jones Jr.

Bobby Jones won 13 major championships, the original grand slam and of course was the co-designer and founder of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament.

Had Jones not retired from golf at the age of 28, the records Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus set in majors would pale in comparison to what he would have accomplished.  13 majors by 28?  Wow.  By the time he was 28, Tiger Woods had won eight major championships.

Mr. Jones, I deeply respect what you did for the game of golf and regret that I never had the chance to meet you.  I was six years old when you passed.  I look forward to continuing to pay my respects to you when standing on the 1st tee of The Old Course at St. Andrews where you stood many times.  I’ll be there this July.

Happy birthday Bobby Jones.

5 responses to “Happy Birthday Bobby Jones – Wish I could have met you”

  1. Legalbgl says:

    Happy Birthday to my fraternity brother Bobby Jones, Esq. — Member of Phi Delta Phi, Emory University, Lamar Inn.

  2. Legalbgl it is a good point to note that Jones made his living during his golf career as an attorney, not a golfer.

  3. Boynie says:

    Yes he was an astonishing golfer and gentleman. It will be a pleasure to be standing beside you on the 1st tee of the Old Course this July.

  4. The pleasure and honor will be mine Boynie.

  5. Skycaddie SGX Review says:

    Bobby Jones is my all time favorite player . A real gentleman as well! As far as Tiger getting a new coach, I haven’t decide yet. lets see how things go in the next 30 days.

    Andy Pappas
    Golf Enthusiast





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