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Bunkers Paradise or Plagiarism Paradise?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsGolf Media

Last year, can’t remember exactly when, I started getting some phone calls from an unfamiliar long distance number.  I was not aware of the first batch or two of calls, as my phone was in silent mode.  In searching my call history, the caller was calling over and over, but never leaving a voicemail. I thought (dreamed) that Blair O’Neal or maybe Sandra Gal was finally stalking me.  Unfortunately that wasn’t it.  Then I started getting emails from someone I wasn’t familiar with, calling me names and saying “you are a coward” and such.  These two people were the same.  It was the editor or owner of Bunkers Paradise, pissed at me.  It turns out he thought I was running the spoof Twitter account @golfblogGRR, which was calling him out on all his grammatical errors.  As much as I would have loved to take credit for such a brilliant idea, I could not. But the BP dude didn’t, and probably still doesn’t believe said spoof account is not me.

Let’s get one thing straight.  I’m no coward.  I have NO problem calling out anyone and having the balls to put my own name on it.  I’ve done it countless times over the DECADE I’ve been doing this.  Quite frankly, I’d never even SEEN this guy’s website.  I don’t visit many other golf sites.  I’m too busy doing my own stuff to bother with them really.

Things have been somewhat quiet and I haven’t been stalked by the guy lately so that’s cool.

Today I was reading some Tweets and found one by a writer I greatly respect, Ryan Ballengee.   Ryan pointed out a case of obvious plagiarism showing a link to the original article and the stolen one.  The original was a European Tour website article, and the copy was on Bunkers Paradise.  See image below.

Just change a few words here and there... nobody will notice.  Click to expand.

Just change a few words here and there… nobody will notice. Click to expand.

Ryan said he’d talked to BP regarding copying other content, and they’d removed four articles at that time.  It seems they didn’t change their ways.

Ryan’s post today sparked a very engaged discussion on Twitter.  For the heck of it I picked a few other BP articles punched chunks of them into Google.  In just 2-3 minutes I found several duplicate articles copied from the European Tour website, as well as other sites that cover golf.  Sometimes BP changes a word or two in a paragraph here and there to disguise the copying.  A couple of more examples:

Copy on left, original on right….

Original on left, copy on right… In this one they seemed to think they only needed to disguise text in the first paragraph…. shameless.

As a writer/blogger who has had content stolen many times, I feel the need to expose this for what it is.  Plagiarism is such a fancy sounding word.  I prefer the word STEALING.  Sure we all make spelling and grammatical errors.  Some writers are better than others.  But stealing others’ content is shameless and inexcusable.  It is not a mistake.

Oh I can already hear the excuses and reasons.  I’ve heard them before from many other content hijackers:  “I didn’t know so-and-so was writing these articles.”  “My wife wrote them.”  “We had a plugin that auto-blogged” them.

Golf is an honorable game.  Stealing golf content is not in the spirit of the game and is grounds for disqualification.  BP should issue a public apology and either close their doors or make some wholesale changes.  They’ll probably do neither.

Title Credit

I wish I could claim it, but “Plagiarism Paradise” was coined by the mystery spoof Twitter user @golfbloggrr.

Trash9Network Cutting 35 Full Time Employees

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 26th, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsGolf MediaMiscellaneous

Hartford Business is reporting that Trash9Network, sorry 69Network, oh… I mean Back9Network has let go 35 full time employees, or 41% of its workforce.  The move is “a thoughtful strategy that will allow the network to remain competitive and produce engaging content while growing the golf lifestyle,” according to CEO Charles Cox.

Why not cut those employees?  I think it is good business move.  No need to pay all those workers when all your content is re-posted instagram feeds of slutty women’s photos.  A cheap or free teenage intern can do that.



One of the Strangest Weeks in Golf – Tiger’s Toofie and Robert Allenby’s Alleged Kidnapping

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 23rd, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsGolf MediaMiscellaneousPGA TourPro GolfTiger Woods

I’ve not commented about the latest strange happenings in the golf world as of yet. I’m sort of sitting on my proverbial couch, eating proverbial popcorn, and watching the freakshow unfold.

Toothless Tiger Woods

Toothless Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods: Tough and Ruthless or Rough and Toothless?

First off we have the toothless Tiger Woods.  Apparently he was in Italy to watch his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn compete in a ski race.  In the hustle to get positioning, a camera man knocked out Tiger’s front tooth, the discolored one.  Tiger is no fan of the media at all.  I can imagine there was a nice, pleasant discussion following said de-toothing.

For the record by the way, the discolored tooth Tiger had was not as a result of his ex wife Elin Nordegren knocking it out on that crazy Thanksgiving night.  The tooth was discolored for years before that.  Many uninformed news outlets and golf social networks have claimed that the discolored tooth was because of Elin, but it is not.  Get your facts straight.

Tiger is playing in Phoenix at the Phoenix Open next week, a tournament he said he would not play in again.  It will be interesting to see if he has had the tooth fixed by then, and if the media will have the balls to inquire about what happened.  Maybe he’s waiting for Obamacare to kick in.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 8.02.00 AM

Robert Allenby’s story gets more and more strange

Robert Allenby Kidnapping

At the Sony Open Robert Allenby missed the cut.  That would be the best thing to happen to him that weekend.  News came out that he had been kidnapped, robbed, beaten, put in the trunk of a car, and dumped in a park six miles from the wine bar he had been patronizing.  Over the last week the story has gotten more and more fishy, and eyewitnesses are coming forward with different stories.  The latest stories are saying he was drunk and fell on his face, on a rock.  One story even includes a strip club, not a wine bar.

Odd things which stand out to me:  Allenby did not contact the police immediately after the kidnapping.  Also, he’s never appeared with any bandages.  Seems strange.

I’d better pop more popcorn for this one.

Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky

DJ and Paulina Gretzky are now parents.  Dustin is gearing up for a return to golf, and denies any rumors of cocaine use.

My question is, will Paulina be breast feeding?  Golf Digest could get some even bigger boob photos for their next “fitness” article if so!

Is this photo about golf or Paulina Gretzky's boobs?  You be the judge.

Is this photo about golf or Paulina Gretzky’s boobs? You be the judge.

More popcorn please, with butter.


Say Goodbye to the Website Which Was Stealing My Content

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsGolf MediaMiscellaneousSite News

It took a bit of work and some time for me to get this done, but the asshole website/webmaster who was ripping off content from here at Hooked On Golf Blog and the HOG sister site HOGWire.biz, is now shut down.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.10.36 AM

Adios.  Don’t f&%k with me.  I will win.

New GolfWRX Robert Allenby What’s In The Bag Photos

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 19th, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsGolf MediaMiscellaneous

I love GolfWRX’s “what’s in the bag photos” so much. Every week that they post one of their amazingly watermarked pictures of the latest winner on tour’s golf bag, I immediately print the photo on my dot matrix printer and take it down to Dick’s Sporting goods. I ask the PGA pro there to put together the EXACT set of clubs, just like the winner’s. After all, I know if I buy the same clubs, I’ll play just as good.

I’ve got 127 full sets of clubs in the garage. Maybe this week’s set will be the magic one? At least it will be useful, in terms of self defense.

Sure I poke some fun at GolfWRX, but finally they’ve posted an awesome and USEFUL “what’s in the bag” (also known in “the business” as WITB) photo: Robert Allenby. For those who may not know, Allenby was kidnapped, robbed, beaten, and dumped in a park in Hawaii after missing the cut at the Sony Open.  Since then Allenby has reworked his bag, and the crack photogs at WRX have already snapped his new WITB, complete with the awesome trademark watermark.

What's in the bag: Robert Allenby

What’s in the bag: Robert Allenby

I dream of the day I could post photos and WITB’s as good as WRX, but realistically I know it is only a dream.  I have something to strive for, but I could never achieve such greatness…

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