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Follow Golf.com’s Tremendous U.S. Open Coverage of Rickie Fowler’s Girlfriend

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, June 18th, 2015
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It’s one of the most amazing times of the year in golf.  It’s AMERICA’S CHAMPIONSHIP!  Every one of the world’s greatest players is in action, trying to capture a major championship at Chambers Bay, a course which has been a huge topic of discussion.  There are SO many great storylines and things to cover, yet Golf.com is covering “hot wives and gilrfriends.”

Hat's off to Golf.com for their fantastic U.S. Open coverage

Hat’s off to Golf.com for their fantastic U.S. Open coverage

This is truly mindblowing.  I’m sorry but this is downright stupid.  I can’t get over the fact that it is US OPEN WEEK, but they have to post is drivel.

It’s not just mindblowing, it is sad.  I guess this link bait is how they keep the lights on through drive-by T&A gawkers?  If that’s the case they should just hang it up, or go full TMZ.

Parsons Xtreme Golf to sell $2,400 Irons via Anna Rawson’s, um… Personality

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, June 11th, 2015
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Is it cold in here?

Anna Rawson to help sell $2,400 irons... $300 per iron

Anna Rawson to help sell $2,400 irons… $300 per iron.  Take a check?

A new golf company founded by Bob Parsons will be soon selling $2,400 sets of irons, or $300 per individual iron. What makes Parsons Xtreme Golf’s irons so good? Perhaps the 483 movable weights per club… And how does Mr. Parsons, the guy behind GoDaddy.com sell such expensive clubs?  The oldest way in the marketing book, with a sexy female spokeswoman.

Anna Rawson

I met Anna Rawson a few years ago. She wasn’t dressed quite the photo above unfortunately.  It was darn cold here in Utah when she was playing GOLF in an event here. Yes, this former GoDaddy girl actually does play golf.  She was very nice and a pleasure to gawk at… I mean…. talk to.  She really was very nice.

“From tee to green, you’ve never played like this before. With just one swing you can feel and see that PXG clubs are unlike anything else—and you can bet that our marketing is going to make some noise and shake up the industry too.” ~Bob Parsons

Well, I’m not sure Anna Rawson can shake up the golf industry any more than she has already.  It’s not like we haven’t seen her before.  Will these clubs be THAT good?  I may never know. I doubt I’ll ever get a sample of them to demo because I’m about to poke some serious fun at show their next model iron, the PXG 03119302394320958.87 Niner Bravo.  Stay tuned for that.

Oh yeah, here’s the actual golf club.  I realize with Anna’s photo up above the average joe (or jane depending on your orientation) could probably care less…

Parsons Xtreme Golf PXG 0311 Iron

Parsons Xtreme Golf PXG 0311 Iron

The marketing/branding/web image PXG golf is presenting looks like it is done by the same ones who do the My Golf Spy site.


WAG-licious! WAG-tastic! Top 13 Excuses Golf.com Has For Posting T&A Photos

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsGolf BabesPGA TourPro Golf

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-10-22-39-43.pngI took a five day weekend to do some great hiking and playing in the red rock country of southern Utah this past weekend. I didn’t have a lot of internet access, but I did have the occasional update. One such update came through on several of my social networks about Rickie Fowler’s dramatic victory at THE PLAYERS (always spell that in ALL CAPS, it’s what they do). Nice playing Rickie.

I got far more updates about Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend Alexis Randock though, many from Golf.com. Golf.com (and several others like Golf Magazine) just can’t resist posting T&A anymore. It’s like clockwork. They barely need any relevant reason to post this garbage, which made me think… Yeah that’s a first.  They barely need any excuse to post T&A click bait, hot wives and girlfriends (WAG), or hottest women in golf.  It’s all crap.

What does it take to trigger a WAG post?  Here are a few of the best excuses Golf.com has for posting T&A:

  1. The sun came up
  2. The sun went down
  3. A bear shit in the woods
  4. PGA Tour player “x” has hot girlfriend or wife
  5. The featured “model” lives on the same continent as a golf course
  6. Yoga pants
  7. 30 seconds since the last T&A “article”
  8. The current day of the week ends in “y”
  9. Boobs!
  10. Just looked at their Google analytics and realized nobody gives a rat’s ass about fixing their slice but they LOVE BOOBS!
  11. Interns know how to repost sexy Instagram photos but don’t know how to write golf articles
  12. Advertising clicks and revenue are the end-all factor, and BOOBS are the easiest sell!  Who cares about being classy?
  13. Boobs!

Thank God for Alexis Randock.  With Paulina Gretzky having had a baby and out of the limelight, and with other hot women in golf or WAGS like Lindsey Vonn and Amanda Dufner leaving the game, Golf.com was in trouble.  Thankfully they have a new set of breasts to suckle up to.

Forget April Fool’s Day: In Golf Media Every Day is a Joke

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 1st, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsGolfGolf BabesMiscellaneous
DJ and Paulina Gretzky and a giant pig humping a barrel

DJ and Paulina Gretzky in front of a giant pig humping a barrel

Ah yes, it is April 1, 2015.  April Fool’s day.  There are a few golf April Fool’s jokes out there already. Perhaps the best one was the “Chris Berman Fox Golf” one, where Berman supposedly had moved to a prominent position on the Fox Sports golf broadcasting team.  I know it is April fools, but some things should NOT be joked about.  Golf Blogger poached my concept of golf magazines going bankrupt without pictures of Amanda Dufner in a bikini to post.  If it were anyone else I’d give them hell, but John is a good friend so no worries.

I’ve been racking my tiny brain, trying to come up with a really witty but believable April fools blog post.  I’m struggling.  I’ve concluded that my struggles are because most of golf media and much of the golf industry, the real deal, is a joke.  My Twitter, Facebook, and email streams are full of “Masters apparel scripts.”  Bloggers and golf sites blindly repost that crap.  Sergio Garcia’s Friday Masters pant color is not news.  It does not entertain. It does not inform.  It does not grow golf.   It is a sales pitch which fills the golf sphere with junk, which is regurgitated over and over. I guess it gives golf PR something to work on and gives golf writers something easy to produce, rather than actually writing something original and entertaining or informative.  Low hanging fruit.

I work with golf PR people and agencies on a daily basis and I do help them with reviews and articles which I think are informative, entertaining, and interesting.  Sorry, but apparel scripts are none of those.

Too Much Tiger?

Twitter almost blew up yesterday because Tiger Woods’s plane was spotted at the Augusta airport.  Is there a paid golf “journalist” sitting at the Augusta airport waiting to report on this?  Is it the same guy who covers Tiger’s parking spot and his entrance and exit from the porta-potty?  Same one who is there at the perfect time to catch Tiger blowing a big snot out of his nose?  Probably.

A look at Golf.com’s “news” page a few days ago was puzzling.  There were three Tiger Woods photos and a total of four articles about Woods.  It is amazing to me that a player who hasn’t played in weeks, has dropped out of the world top 100, and is literally falling apart physically and mentally on the golf course, warrants so much coverage.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.55.59 AM

Too Much T&A?

Then the big golf media meltdown yesterday, the news that Amanda Dufner and Jason Dufner filed for divorce.  I thought that was perhaps the best April 1 joke ever and half expected them to laughingly announce so today.  The fact that Amanda Dufner is “news” makes me ill, all due respect.

Golf media is a joke, and not just on April 1.

How could I pen a golf media rant without a “most beautiful women in golf” mention?  Ah yes, hot tour wives and girlfriends.  Hot women in golf.  Hot lady golfer Blair O’Neal shows us how to hit a bunker shot in a g-string and stilettos.  Golf.com and Golf Digest have gone all out T&A for linkbait.  Their readers are complaining vehemently on their Facebook pages, but those complaints fall on deaf ears because, well, there are hits.  Who cares what kind of hits or if the audience is a drive-by.  As long as these golf sites/magazines can report to their advertisers that x-hits happened and collect their ad revenue, producing classy material does not matter.

How about this “Keegan Bradley’s girlfriend” post…  wow.  Just wow.  Pulitzer Prize winning material here folks:

Boobs for hits, all due respect of course.

On Course

Thankfully now that spring has sprung here at home I’ve been able to spend more time on the golf course and less time in front of my computer.  That has lessened my exposure to this garbage, and thus my sanity has come back a bit from nearly jumping off the golf cliff.  I’m back to actually playing and doing actual golf gear reviewing and testing, thankfully.

I was this close to shutting down my blog and disconnecting all my golf social networking ties.  That’s no joke.

My Audition for Golf Media Photographer Position: Exclusive Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky Photos

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 9th, 2015
Categories: BoneheadsGolf BabesGolf MediaMiscellaneous

The golf magazines are going nuts right now, digging in their archives of brilliant Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky photos.  You see, DJ won this past weekend and that’s all the excuse the struggling golf magazines need to post link bait, also known as T&A.

Many Hooked On Golf Blog patrons know I’m an aspiring photographer and I think it would be totally bichin if I got a job working for Golf.com or Golf Digest or some golf media outlet.  So below I’m submitting a few photos from my portfolio.  Since I know they love to post any kind of Paulia photo, even with random animals and stuff like that, I found some of my best material.

Let me know when I start the new photo job okay?

DJ and Paulina Gretzky and a giant pig humping a barrel

DJ and Paulina Gretzky and a giant pig humping a barrel

Paulina Gretzky and DJ and a dumpster

Paulina Gretzky and DJ and a dumpster

Paulina Gretzky

DJ and Paulina and some old junk appliances

Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky and a pile of tires

Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky and a pile of tires

Paulina Dustin

DJ and Paulina and a greasy transmission

So what do you think? These would fit right in with Golf.com and Golf Digest’s Paulia photos…

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