New Custom NXT18 Belt – College Football Style

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 20th, 2016
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I have to admit that now that college football season is here I’ve been spending a lot of time working on one of my other websites, I’m a University of Utah Utes fan and built that site as a forum and fan “hub,” and it has been quite successful. I built a game there to allow the members to pick the weekly Pac-12 football games, called Pick Em. I have some neat prizes, and the grand prize is a custom belt from NXT18 Golf. Check it out.


I reviewed a milled belt by NXT18 Golf back in 2015. It’s a Hooked on Golf Blog version.

Custom Milled HOG NXT18GOlf Belt

Custom Milled HOG NXT18GOlf Belt – A Work of Art

The new college version is a little more mature and cleaner looking I must admit.  Plus it works with a standard belt, which is interchangeable.


My new Utah Utes belt is great. I’m wearing it proudly, even this moment. If you want a belt like this, or with your own custom logo of your favorite team or golf blog, follow this special link for a discount and free shipping.

Phoenix Open – Metrosexuals On Tour

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 1st, 2010
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I like the new fashions of these new guns on tour.  For one, they’re bringing more attention to the sport and they’re also creating entire product niches and markets with the white belts, fancy belt buckles, pastel and neon colors, diva sunglasses etc.

I only wish I was the brilliant one who coined the descriptive phrase “metrosexuals on tour” in reference to the Phoenix Open.  That came from a forum thread over on The Golf Space.  I’d already come up with my own name for the tournament, which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way.  “Battle of the white belts.

We have Rickie Fowler in contention, wearing some very killer but slightly feminine Puma gear.  Those amazing Puma Cell Fusion shoes he was wearing are the same ones I’m reviewing right now.  Stay tuned.  Winner Hunter Mahan was sporting a white belt and cool sunglasses which looked to be a combination diva/Elvis style.  No sideburns though unfortunately.  Camilo Villegas was completely decked out in what I’d call “tightie whitie.”  His whole outfit was white and fit very tightly.  Ya gotta have the body for that kind of getup, like me.  Right.

Other quotes…  Hmm.  “Battle of the flat bellies” (except for Mark Calcavecchia) or the other good forum quote: “put on ice skates and they would have fit in with the Olympic Men’s Figure Skating competition.

I think these guys are cool.  I’m really looking forward to the next few years on tour to see how they develop.