Former TaylorMade CEO Now CEO of Taco Bell – Hot Sauce Injected Twist Shell Technology Coming Soon

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 26th, 2019
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The joke about TaylorMade seems to be if you buy one of their drivers it will be obsolete by the time you get to the top of your first backswing with it. Well, now if you eat at Taco Bell, the taco you are eating will be obsolete before you finish putting hot sauce on it. Former TaylorMade CEO Mark King is now apparently the CEO of Taco Bell.

Clearly Taco Bell has not been releasing enough taco models and had to do something about it. Time to flood the taco market.

I’ve put a call into an “insider” I know at Taco Bell and they’e provided me, under condition of anonymity, some top secret taco information, marketing terms, technology, and new taco releases we will soon be seeing.

Coming Soon from Taco Bell

  • The #1 Taco in Food
  • World’s First Adjustable Weight Taco
  • Twist Shell Technology (TST)
  • Hot Sauce Injection (HSI)
  • Hot Sauce Injected Twist Shell (HSITS)
  • Burner Bubble – Bubbling, burning hot sauce
  • Eat Pocket – A true recipe for max enjoyment
  • Taco Bellzier
  • M5 (M for munch)
  • Advanced Meat Pocket Design (AMP)
  • GAPR Taco fills the gapping problem between the Hot Sauce Injected Twist Shell and Taco Bellzier
  • Sour Cream Perimeter Weighting (SCPW)
  • Shell Slot technology (SST) enhances shell flexibility to preserve bite speed on mis-bites for greater munching
  • RIBCOR localizes taco shell flexibility, transferring more energy to the shell to increase crunch speed and promote straighter bites
  • TP5 Taco – 5-layer taco construction optimized for flavor and higher bite speed via the SPEED-LAYER system
  • Pure Roll soft shell (PRSS)  tacos roll easier and more efficiently
  • Moveable Eat Technology (MET) allows the taco builder to shift the condiments to the perimeter of the shell producing a greater center of gravity
  • Bite Control Technology (BCT) lets the consumer change the bite angle, shell angle, shell width
  • HICT (high inertia chomp technology) promotes faster biting and chewing and easy digestion
  • HOT Trajectory – Low center of gravity, aerodynamics, along with HSI promote more accurate consumption
  • WST (white shell technology) white taco shells







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