Rukket Golf Chipping Net – Cornhole Game

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 7th, 2019
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Rukket makes some great sports nets.  I’ve reviewed a few over the years.  I’ve used their backyard golf net many times.  Today I’m reviewing a new one from Rukket, their golf chipping cornhole game.

Photo courtesy of Rukket

In The Bag

The game comes in a nice, convenient carrying bag.  The two included nets fold and unfold similar to those windshield sun protectors, and store neatly in the bag.

Also included are stakes to mount the game, two turf mats and eight soft foam golf balls.

In Action

I recently used this tailgating at the Utah Football vs Washington State Cougars game a couple of weeks ago.  The weather wasn’t great but we still had a blast chipping.  The one problem we had was our tailgate was on pavement, so missed shots meant the balls were going quite a long way to be chased.   So I recommend playing the game on grass, or an area where it is easy to contain errant shots.

With my bad shoulder (recent surgery) about all I can do is putt and chip, so this is a fun way of working on short game and doing something golf related for me.

The golf corn hole game by Rukket would make a great gift for Christmas, Father’s Day or a birthday.


Rukket Sports Golf Chipping Target and Range Marker

Rukket Sports Portable Golf Practice Net

Note about the photo above… hehe. I like to shoot my own photos typically. I wasn’t able to capture photos I was happy with prior to my review. It was raining pretty hard.

Rukket Sports Golf Chipping Target and Range Marker

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 16th, 2015
Categories: GolfGolf AccessoriesGolf For WomenGolf GearReviews

Rukket_Chipping_Net_6Rukket Sports makes some very cool practice nets for all sorts of sports, not just golf.  I have several now, like the full swing golf practice net I reviewed a while back.  Perhaps the most important net for my game is now erected in my house, a short game practice net.  I’m a 1.5 handicap with the short game of a 27 handicapper.  If I could get that short game straightened out, I’d be a decent golfer.  Perhaps this net is the ticket, and a bunch of practice this winter.

The Rukket short game net is really cool.  It has three pockets the balls can be hit into for accuracy and trajectory practice.  The sides collect mis-hit shots, or shots which are not on a perfect line.

The net can be set up outside (first picture above), or used inside like the picture below.

Indoor golf chipping practice…

Outdoor golf chipping practice…

The other side of the net can serve as a short game yardage marker. Below you can see several pictures of the net, configured with different numbers from 50 yards to 150 yards.


One problem I have with this net is the spikes which secure it into the ground.  The plastic is weak.  If you don’t push perfectly straight down, you’ll snap the spike just like the one below.

No, I wasn’t trying to spike the net into my carpet…


At about $35, this is a no-brainer golf accessory. Having a fun way of practicing short game in the back yard or inside the house/office is fantastic.





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