Rukk Net – Portable Golf Practice Net

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 17th, 2013
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Rukk Net Golf Practice Net

Rukk Net Golf Practice Net

If there’s one thing I need almost as much as a round of golf at Augusta National Golf Club, its practice.  The problem with my now very busy schedule along with the months of winter when there is snow on the ground, is that I can’t go to the driving range very often.  So I get rusty and my golf muscles atrophy.   Fortunately this past winter I had a new golf practice net from Rukk Net by Rukket, setup in my basement.  I was able to make some full swings with real golf clubs and real golf balls in my house over the winter.  I can feel the benefits this spring already!  Lets take a closer look at Rukk Net’s golf practice net.


When setup, the Rukk Net is seven feet high and about 10 feet wide, roughly five feet deep.  There’s an outer net for the frame and an inner net which catches the balls.  When properly setup (not on long grass as in my video) the net will return the ball back to the player hitting the shot!

The net sets up in, just estimating here, 3-5 SECONDS.  Teardown is a bit more tedious, clocking in at perhaps around TEN seconds, unless you include stuffing it into the included carrying case, then the teardown is a whopping 20-30 seconds. In short, it is about the quickest and easiest setup and teardown of anything you’ll ever have.

Hit Balls In The Basement, Back Yard, Parks….

When in its carrying/storage case the net is about the size of a big drum cymbal.  It is flat and easy to store.  As mentioned I had it setup in my basement, even with eight foot ceilings.  I couldn’t swing drivers because the club would hit the ceiling, but I could hit wedges and short irons.  The unit could easily be taken anywhere and setup quickly for practice on the beach, the park, the back yard.


Here’s a video showing two types of shots into the net.  Some question if the net is tall enough to catch high lofted shots.  The first two shots in the video are my 56 degree sand wedge.  The next two are my driver.  Bear in mind this is a golf net demonstration, not a golf swing clinic!  Enjoy my granny swing…


At $199 retail and a street price of around $179, the usefulness of a practice net can pay for itself quickly.  Around here a bucket of 30-40 balls is $8 and a jumbo is $10.  Two weeks or practice at 50-100 balls per day on the rang would pay for a Rukk Net.  Beyond that would be gravy.  The benefits to one’s game and confidence are an even bigger payoff.

Rukket’s golf net would make a great Father’s Day gift for the golfing father in your life.

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  1. Jennie says:

    This is really cool! I’ll keep this in mind as I’m continuing my training. I just started with golf and what I’m using are these ball targets from (spam link removed). They’re really helpful!





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