Puttout Putting Mat Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 7th, 2019
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Welcome to the first Hooked on Golf Blog golf product review of 2019! It’s the dead of winter here in northern Utah, and with that comes no golf. The local courses are in a five month frost delay. I am getting in a lot of skiing though. Thanks to my new Puttout Putting Mat I’m keeping my putting dialed in during these winter months. Check it out.

Puttout Putting Mat Features

The Puttout mat accommodates putts of up to six feet in distance.

There are markings on the mat at one-foot increments, helping the golfer dial in distance control from putting’s most crucial distance, inside five feet.

Along with the distance markers there are markers to help the golfer check the putter face alignment.  The world’s best setup goes out the door if the putter face is off line at impact.

The fabric of the mat is very nice and rolls true. The speed feels “right” in terms of green speed. Puttout reports that the speed is a 10. I have a stimpmeter somewhere around here but I haven’t measured the exact speed to confirm.

The mat rolls true after putting it away and getting it out many times. This is due to the thick rubber backing which keeps it from creasing.

The mat rolls up easily and stores in a nice carrying bag (below).  The case is supported by a dense cardboard cylinder which helps keep the mat’s shape and smoothness.


The mat is available in two color schemes, gray and green.

Final Thoughts

Higher handicap golfers lose tons of strokes by missing short putt after short putt. This $89 putting mat (Amazon) could really help those golfers stop wasting strokes and start holing out more putts.


PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer Review

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, July 16th, 2017
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf For WomenGolf GearReviews

Line and speed are the two crucial factors in making putts. It doesn’t matter what grip you have, what putter you use, or what your apparel scripting is. If you can’t get the putt rolling on the proper line and speed you’re destined to bad putting.

PuttOut Putting Trainer

PuttOut Putting Trainer

The PuttOut “Pressure Putt Trainer” is designed to train the golfer get get the putt rolling on the correct line and speed. The unique curved design returns good putts the distance they would have traveled past the hole. The side contours reject offline putts and force the golfer to a bit of a “walk of shame” to get the balls, as those shots are not returned.

An interesting feature of the PuttOut is the little retractable “micro target.” In the photo above you can see the HOG golf ball is sitting in it. Putts on the exact line and speed will stop inside the target. Once the golfer gets used to strokes at such a tight precision and speed, putting into the much larger and easier to hit golf hole seems much easier. The micro target back plate is hinged so the golfer can flatten it out and turn the device into strictly a returning device.

The unit folds into a compact and easy to carry shape. The unit would fit easily in a golf bag or even luggage when traveling.

I keep mine in the hallway between the kitchen, my office, and the bathroom. It’s quite a trafficked spot. It’s fun to grab my putter and stroke a few to clear my my mind and improve my stroke, a few times per day.


If you need help with your line and speed and “pressure putting,” the $29 PuttOut could be a good option. Not sure the unit will help with non-pressure putting though. 😉





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