Obama has played 41-50 golf rounds since becoming president. Which president played the most golf?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010
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"I golf more than you now TW."

In my endless googling and wondering around golf cyberspace I saw an article on Obama golfing in Hawaii today.  I’m sure his gig is pretty stressful, so blowing off some steam and chasing a little white ball around is probably good for him, and thus the rest of us.

It is a bit hypocritical though that he’s playing golf, enjoying the lifestyle and hanging around at the same country clubs which are owned and patronized by those evil rich people he villainizes and wants to bump up their taxes.  I digress.  That discussion is for another day, or for my other site Hooked On Politics (HOP).

Some media outlets are criticizing Obama for playing somewhere between 41-52 rounds of golf since becoming President.  By my calculations that is 2.1 rounds per week month.  I’m sure any critic of Obama will find some negative in that.  I’m not saying it is right or wrong, just interesting.

So is 2.1 rounds of golf per week month a lot for a President?  Who holds the record?

Obama beats Bush

Bush played 24 times during his Presidency.  Obama eclipsed that mark in his 2nd year.

Ike Eisenhower is perhaps the most famous “golfing President” with his ties to Augusta National and the many rounds of golf he played there (45) with the likes of Bobby Jones.  In fact, on #17 at Augusta there’s a large tree called the “Eisenhower Tree.”  I spent some time under that tree last April.

As the story I heard goes, Ike asked the Augusta board to remove the tree and Chairman Clifford Roberts declared the president “out of order.”

But Ike isn’t the record holder for most presidential rounds of golf.  The highest number for a president I found was 1,200 by Woodrow Wilson.

Call me Mr. President

So if I play about 100x per year, that is two times per week.  That puts me right up there with Obama and Ike.  Now if I could only log 45 rounds of golf at Augusta somehow.  Something tells me I don’t quite have the pull Ike did.  But hey, I run a golf blog.  You never know.

Obama asks Tiger Woods to bail out the U.S. Government. CAPTION CONTEST!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, April 26th, 2009
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Tiger Woods met President Obama at the White House.  Tiger Looks pretty good in a suit, but I prefer a red golf shirt.  No word on what they talked about.

I think it is time for a caption contest for this photo.  I’ll run it here at at The Golf Space.  Maybe I can come up with a golf related boobie prize for the best caption.

Here are my first few captions which hit my cranium over my morning coffee:

“Obama asks Tiger Woods to bail out the U.S. Government at the White House.”

“Tiger Woods at the top of Obama’s list of CEOs who make too much money.”

“Obama asks Tiger Woods to help him promote socialism by sharing all his money with the US citizens.”

“Obama blames the probable bankruptcy of Buick on Tiger’s excessive endorsement fees.  Asks Tiger to buy the company.”

Comment in your captions below.





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