Obama asks Tiger Woods to bail out the U.S. Government. CAPTION CONTEST!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, April 26th, 2009
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Tiger Woods met President Obama at the White House.  Tiger Looks pretty good in a suit, but I prefer a red golf shirt.  No word on what they talked about.

I think it is time for a caption contest for this photo.  I’ll run it here at at The Golf Space.  Maybe I can come up with a golf related boobie prize for the best caption.

Here are my first few captions which hit my cranium over my morning coffee:

“Obama asks Tiger Woods to bail out the U.S. Government at the White House.”

“Tiger Woods at the top of Obama’s list of CEOs who make too much money.”

“Obama asks Tiger Woods to help him promote socialism by sharing all his money with the US citizens.”

“Obama blames the probable bankruptcy of Buick on Tiger’s excessive endorsement fees.  Asks Tiger to buy the company.”

Comment in your captions below.

6 responses to “Obama asks Tiger Woods to bail out the U.S. Government. CAPTION CONTEST!”

  1. Miranda says:

    You know, some of those you posted I would actually believe. My suggestion is “Obama tries to hide his man-crush on the World’s #1 golfer.”

  2. 4Checker says:

    Tiger to Obama: “Some people just don’t belong, know what I mean?”

  3. faziom1 says:

    Obama to Tiger: “Are you and your wife swingers?”

  4. ISBPD says:

    “My short game is torturing me and since I do not allow torture, I’ll need you to give me a few lessons”

    “We need a new Health & Human Services secretary…Have you been paying your taxes?”

    “My teleprompter is broken…You look like me, can you make a few speeches for your country ’cause I suck off the cuff?”

    “To stimulate the economy, I am capping your earnings and unionizing caddies”

    “You may want to wash that hand Tiger, I just got back from Mexico (swine flu)”

    “What, no bowing or genuflecting Mr President? I guess that means you do not view me as an enemy of the USA”

    “Nice to meet you Tiger, here are your cheap ass dvd’s and ipod”

    “Because the pga tour is losing some sponsors, we are going to nationalize professiional golf”

    “Tiger, enough of the polar ice cap has melted that we’re building a golf course there. How would you like to design it? It was approved under my spend-u-lus package”

    “It sure was nice of the taxpayers to pay for private lessons for me under the omnibus spending bill.”

    “As pary of my world ass kissing tour, I’ve agreed to send you you Saudi Arabia to give free golf lessons to the King, Hugo Chavez, Fidel & Raul Castro. The Ayatolla and Amadinijad may also show up.”

    “I’m going to need you sit on the pine during future Ryder & President’s Cups as you suck when you represent the Usa in team golf”

  5. I think we have new leader for the boobie prize! ISBPD

  6. kiwi says:

    Um Tiger…. Any chance I could get a loan?





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