Oakley Delta Golf Polo Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 10th, 2014
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During the final round of the 2014 Masters Tournament, Bubba Watson smoked the field.  What a performance.  That shot he hit on the par-5 13th hole over the left trees was insane.  Bubba might be the only golfer in the world that could pull that shot off.  He left himself a sand wedge into the par-5 while other players were hitting 3-irons and woods into that green.

Oakley Delta Polo

During that historic round, Bubba was wearing the Oakley short sleeve Delta polo.  I’ve been wearing one too lately.  Unlike Bubba, the most historic achievement I made while wearing mine was opening my refrigerator, or perhaps missing a one foot straight uphill putt yesterday in a match which I eventually lost.  GRRR.  The damn shirt didn’t make me win!

Opening fridge or winning the Masters...

The Delta performs well opening fridge or winning the Masters…

Sorry about that tangent… Yes, a shirt can’t help you putt better or hit the ball as far as Bubba Watson.  But you can at least look as sharp and classy.

Delta Polo Features

The Delta is made from 100% Polyester, a fabric I prefer big time over cotton. Poly’s breath better and are much easier to care for. No wrinkles and easy to wash and dry. No shrinking either.

The polo’s breathable O Hydrolix wicks moisture from the player’s body and optimizes comfort, also providing UV-protection against harmful radiation from the sun.

Finally, the fabric in the Delta features anti-bacterial technology, combating odor and that not-so-fresh feeling.


The Delta is available in two colors: white (pictured), and navy blue.

Sizes range from small to XXL.


Retail price for this polo is an affordable $65. I have seen a street price on this polo as low as $45.


The Oakley Delta polo is sharp, comfortable, high performance, and keeps me fresh on the course despite hot and/or humid conditions. Unfortunately the shirt couldn’t help me win my match yesterday. Perhaps Oakley’s amazing engineers are working on that feature for one of their upcoming apparel products?

Opening the Fridge or Winning the Masters

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 19th, 2014
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Today’s apparel script features the Oakley “Delta” Polo.  I was quite comfortable in my regular business capacity today, and caught a selfie opening the fridge.  You may recognize this shirt as the same one Bubba Watson was wearing during the final round when he won the 2014 Masters Tournament.


Bubba wears the shirt winning the Masters.  I wear it opening the fridge.  Both great accomplishments in our own worlds.

Stay tuned for my full review of the Oakley Delta Polo after I’ve had a chance to test it out on the golf course.

Ian Poulter videos

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, August 22nd, 2009
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Thanks to my pals at Oakley for sending me some cool links to a video series they put together with Ian Poulter on YouTube. There are a bunch of cool videos to check out.

A few instructional videos from Poulter include alignment, lob shot, draw shot, trees, practice and trouble shots.

I hear they’re currently in production of a four part instructional video series where Ian takes you through the necessary steps to create “Poulter Hair.” And finally, you can’t have an Ian Poulter feature without discussing fashion:





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