In Hand – Nike Golf Apparel Engineered for the Masters

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, April 7th, 2014
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I poke a lot of fun at golf PR and apparel companies for their “apparel scripts.”  Here’s my 2013 Masters apparel script.   My 2014 Masters apparel script is coming soon.  I’m still finalizing some of the items.  I think Nike Golf got wind of that, and decided to send along some suggestions for my 2014 script.  Their suggestions are based on what some of their athletes will be wearing in the 2014 Masters.  Lets take a look, first at the incredible box the suggestions samples arrived in.

What’s in this beautiful box?

Amazing box…

What’s in this beautiful box?

What’s inside is even better…

What’s in this beautiful box?


What’s in this beautiful box?

There you have it. Looks like I may have my 2014 Masters apparel shoe selection done, and a couple of items for the upper bod as well.

Seriously though, this apparel is amazing. The engineering, design, and style are all fantastic.

First Look: Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 19th, 2013
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I’m putting a new Nike Sport Lite golf carry bag into play now and will be putting it through the regular rigorous Hooked On Golf Blog review battery.

Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag

Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag

When I golf I prefer to walk and carry the bag. I don’t carry much because of my bad back, but at less and four pounds carrying this bag should be pretty easy.

Nike announced this bag back on 10/31/13. Until I have my review done, you can check out the Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag press release here.

I’ve also posted a few photos of this bag: Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag photos.

Nike Golf Hyperadapt Storm-FIT Jacket Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 25th, 2013
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Nike Storm Fit Jacket

Nike Storm Fit Jacket

The temperatures here are dropping fast here. We’ve had a lot of rain this fall, and now even frost delays in the mornings. Two Fridays ago a tournament I was competing in experienced a snow delay.

This time of year can be the best though, as casual weekend hackers are hanging up their sticks for the season. As long as die-hards like myself can brave the conditions, the courses are far less crowded and we can play golf in a reasonable amount of time.

In these conditions golf apparel and golf outerwear become more and more important. Its nice to know that I’ve got the same apparel to choose from as Rory McIlory and Tiger Woods. One such item is my new full-zip Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket. Lets take a look.

Hyperadapt Storm-FIT Jacket Overview

Nike engineers have produced a jacket with some amazing properties in the Hyperadapt Storm-FIT. The jacket is waterproof and wind resistant, yet stretches more like a sweater.

There are strategically placed fabric “vents” which make the garment breath very well. This is especially useful in the bipolar weather in the spring and fall where one minute it is raining and the next it is sunny. No need to take the jacket off and put it back on all the time.

The shoulders of the Storm-FIT have specially designed four-way stretch system which reduces binding and tightness and increases the range of motion in the golf swing. The system even reduces noise.

The body fabric is 100% polyester while the mesh components are 81% nylon and 19% spandex.

The sleeves have adjustable cuffs which are great. Being able to set the cuff tightness can help keep rain and wind out, yet allow the golfer to retain flexibility.

Nike Storm-FIT Hyperadapt Full-Zip Jacket - click to zoom

Nike Storm-FIT Hyperadapt Full-Zip Jacket – click to zoom

On The Course

First things first. I must mention the style of this jacket. This is a very sharp looking piece. The wife really loves the look when I put it on. My dad tried it on and for quite a while refused to give it back. I just figured out what his Christmas gift will be…

Many of my outerwear items are one size bigger. This is because here in the cold of Utah, we often have to wear a few layers to stay warm. The bigger size is needed because of the restriction imposed by the outer layer. One problem with that extra size is that the garment can get in the way of the swing, especially for my putting stroke. I bend over quite far with a 34” putter and when I do that, often times my outerwear snags on the butt of the putter grip. Not good. When I have a huge putt to win a $2.00 nassau, the last thing I want is worrying about my putter going off line due to snagging on my apparel. No worries with the storm fit. The fit is precise without being too small. The jacket performs, but stays out of my way so I can perform.

I’ve managed to make it rain twice during my testing of the Storm-FIT. Rain drops bead up on the outer layer and no water or moisture gets inside. None.

On windy days the Storm-FIT is fantastic.


I always try to find a flaw or place for improvement when I do my golf reviews. In the case of the Storm-FIT I have none. Zero.


The Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket comes in the following sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large.

Colors: Black; Cool Grey; Game Royal; Armory Slate

Full-Zip / Half-Zip

There are two versions of this jacket available, a full-zip (pictured) as well as a half zip.  The half zip retails for $240 and the full zip retails for $280.


Thanks to the Hyperadapt Storm-Fit jacket I’m ready to take on wind and rain with the confidence that my outerwear will not interfere with my golf swing. Bring on the Old Course! Scotland here I come!

Inside The Mystery Box – Nike Hyperadapt Storm-FIT Jacket

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
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A very elaborate mystery box came to the doorstep yesterday. The magnetically sealed box had a fabric top which a Nike logo sort of embossed through it.

Nike Golf

Mystery Box from Nike Golf

The fabric was a sample of materials used in the new Nike Golf Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket pictured below.  Oh to have Nike’s marketing budget!

Nike Storm Fit Jacket

Nike Hyperadapt Storm-FIT Jacket

The Storm Fit jacket first appeared on the scene at the British Open Championship.  It is a 100% waterproof piece which also blocks wind, yet stays comfortable and breathable without hampering the golf swing.

I’m not a big fan of cold, wet and wind on the golf course, but I might just be hoping for a little of that so I can put this baby on through the rigorous Hooked On Golf Blog test battery!

Stay tuned for my Nike Hyperadapt Storm-FIT jacket review soon.

Review: Nike VR_S Driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 9th, 2012
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Nike VR_S Driver

Nike VR_S Driver

With one week to go until Father’s Day I figured this would be a great time to post my Nike VR_S Driver review.  I’ve been doing my on-the-course research for this piece for quite a while.  I’ve had this driver in my gamer bag almost all season.

Nike VR_S Driver Overview

The $359.00 (retail) VR_S Driver is a 460cc driver with an adjustable hosel.  The driver’s “NexCOR” face technology helps produce more “speed” and as a result more distance.  I’ll discuss the features in detail below.


As I covered in my Nike VR_S Hybrid review, NexCOR is a variable face thickness technology.  Unlike one would think, the face is thicker in the middle and thinner around the edges. (more…)

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