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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 19th, 2012
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This is the first in a several part series I’ll be doing on the new Nike Golf VR_S golf clubs.  In the review queue right now are the VR_S Forged Irons, VR_S Driver, VR_S Fairway and today’s subject, the VR_S Hybrid.  I’ve picked the VR_S Hybrid as the first because I’ve been hitting some fantastic shots with it.  This club has turned into an instant go-to gamer for shots anywhere from 200-250 yards depending on conditions.

Nike VR_S Hybrid

Nike VR_S Hybrid - click to zoom

VR_S Hybrid Technology – Speed

Speed is a keyword for Nike with the VR_S line.  VR_S is all about obtaining more of it.

Nike is touting their “NexCOR” technology, which is in the face of the club.  What is that exactly?  I didn’t know until I hit one, then I didn’t care.  It worked.  But since I’m doing this review I thought I’d see what NexCOR really is.

With NexCOR technology the face has a variable thickness.  Unlike most clubs which make the face thinner toward the center, this face is thicker in the center and thinner on the outside. Very interesting.  The result of this variable thickness is a larger and hotter sweet spot, which literally adjusts to shots which hit the face in different locations.  The variable thickness produces hotter ball speed from all over the club face.

Along with the face technology is an aerodynamic design which helps the club head obtain more speed.   Catch that last word?

Nike VR_S Hybrid Top Line

Nike VR_S Hybrid Top Line - click for ore

Looks And Feel

The sole of the club has some interesting shaping, which gives the club a high-tech look but also helps with the club’s aerodynamics.

While the sole is busy on the eye, the crown (top) of the club is very pleasing to look at.  The deep metallic black finish is lightly accented by some lines on the outer edge of the crown which subtly help the player with alignment and swing path.

The way the face sets up while standing over a shot looks great and promotes confidence.

On The Course

I’ve been so thrilled with this new hybrid in the bag.  For a long time I’ve struggled with shots in the 200-240 range.  Some good, some bad.  The bad ones were really bad.

With the VR_S Hybrid the contact always feels solid, even when I can tell I’m a little off center.  The ball goes straight as a laser and hot.  Perhaps the best part is that I don’t need to think with this club.  I set up, look at my target, look back down and pull the trigger and the baby flies.

I have some fantastic shots logged with this hybrid already.  A couple of weeks ago I was on the 16th at Bonneville, a par-5.  I was in the left rough at 250.  The ground was hard so I hit the VR_S Hybrid.  My shot went right on line.  I couldn’t see it finish because I was below a hill but my playing partner told me the shot bounced a couple of times then hit the flagstick!  Unfortunately I wasn’t putting well that day and made a 3-putt par.

Last Tuesday in my regular league I was about 230 out on the 1st hole, a par-5.  I hit a pure shot with the VR_S Hybrid which finished on the green about 15 feet short-left of the pin.  This time I took advantage with the putter and recorded my first eagle of 2012.  Thanks to the VR_S on that one.

The 15th hole at one of my home courses has a very difficult par-3 which measures anywhere from 220-240 depending on tee and pin placements.  I’ve struggled for a LONG time trying to find the right club for this hole, which usually comes at a critical time in the match.  This past Monday I teed up the VR_S and drew it against a left-to-right wind.  With bets and presses all over the place, I won the hole with an easy two-putt for par after finishing pin-high left.

This club is cutting strokes off my game.  Period.


Model Hand Loft Length Lie Angle Volume Face Angle Head Weight Swing Weight
#2 RH 18° 41″ 58.5° 121cc +1.0° Open 224g D2-D4
#3 RH/LH 21° 40.5″ 59° 123cc +1.0° Open 230g D2-D4
#4 RH/LH 24° 40″ 59.5° 122cc +1.0° Open 236g D2-D4
#5 RH/LH 27° 39.5″ 60° 119cc +1.0° Open 242g D2-D4

Note: Model tested in this review is the #3.


The shaft for the VR_S Hybrid is the Nike Fubuki K HY.  This shaft comes in S, R and A flex.  The S flex is a mid launch and the R and A are high launch trajectories.


The stock grip for the VR_S Hybrid is the Nike Tour Velvet.  Not my favorite as I prefer softer grips.  But it is a solid grip which doesn’t slip and is very durable.

Nike VR_S Hybrid And Head Cover

Nike VR_S Hybrid And Head Cover - click to magnify

Head Cover

The head cover is good looking and does what it is supposed to do, protect the club.  No complaints.

Nike VR_S HybridConclusion

The VR_S Hybrid is perhaps the easiest hybrid to hit I’ve ever tried.  The forgiveness of the NexCOR face technology really helps me out.  I can face the fact (pun intended) that I don’t always hit the sweet spot and this club helps compensate for that.  I’ve got new distance and new shots in the bag from 200+.   I’m back to attacking par-5’s now.  If I need a go-to club for the tee on shorter par-4’s, this one is it.


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2 responses to “Review: Nike Golf VR_S Hybrid”

  1. Kevin C says:

    Nike has come a long way. And it shows on your Blog Tony. I still remember the times when you didn’t approve of their products at all…





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