Let’s Call These “Most Beautiful Women in Golf” Articles What They Really Are – T&A to Generate Hits

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 18th, 2013
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Golf.com T&A Articles

Golf.com just came out with a “most beautiful women in golf” “article” this past week or so.  Inside are photos of hot golf babes like Natalie Gulbis, Holly Saunders, Blair O’Neal, Anna Rawson etc.  These are in a slideshow format with a new page shown for each slide.  Its about page views people.  Each time someone goes to the next page, Golf.com gets another pageview/hit and gets to thorw more ads at you.  Each of the individual hot golf babes has her own set of photos too, in slideshow format.  More page views.  More ad views.

Holly Saunders

Holly Saunders – Golf.com Facebook Page – nearly 700 likes and 105 shares!

Golf.com has many of these sorts of articles, like the previous piece titled “Too Hot For Golf? The LPGA’s Most Provocative Women.”

Golf Punk Bunker Babes

Golf Punk has made a living off of posting hot golf babes with their “bunker babes” series.  Very easy gig.  Just find some really hot chicks, dress them up in skimpy lingerie or underwear and take pix of them on the golf course.  Hell, forget the golf course.  Just put a club in their hands in shoot the photos in the kitchen or on the beach.

Bunker Babes courtesy of Golf Punk - Who cares that its in German? T&A is a universal language...

Bunker Babes courtesy of Golf Punk – Who cares that its in German?  T&A is a universal language…


The ESPN body issue goes even farther.  We’ve got Suzann Pettersen NAKED!  Good times!  Sure they throw in a couple of men like Gary Player and Camilo Villegas to be politically correct, but really, it’s about the T&A.

Suzanne Pettersen nude - ESPN The Body

Suzann Pettersen nude – Golf is awesome

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report has a “20 Hottest Women In Golf” feature too.  In the slide below we see Bridget Dwyer sexily sprawling on some wet sand.  The first thing I noticed in this piece wasn’t Bridget’s great body, but the fact that they used the wrong “your” in their quote and that the 2nd sentence is incomplete: “Ahem. She’s alright, I guess.  If your into those really hot blondes.”

Bad grammar, but who noticed? Not the editors!

Sports Illustrated

One fun golf T&A feature was the very popular Natalie Gulbis naked gig where she was posing in a painted-on bikini.  This one is so airbrushed and processed that the photos almost look like an avatar or cartoon, not like Natalie.

Golf Channel

Golf Channel is a pioneer in garnering viewers with golf babes.  Hell, they’re the ones who hired Holly Saunders and Win McMurray.  And lets not forget the Big Break series, where Golf Channel features the best looking golf chicks they can find and show those super slow-mo up-skirt golf swing video clips…  T&A disguised as a reality show.  Of course, they’ve got a “Sexy golfers photo gallery” piece on their website as well.


Let’s face it, if your boss (or wife if not the same) caught you browsing nude photos of Natalie Gulbis you’d probably be in trouble.   These are all examples of posting NSFW (not safe for work) photos of hot babes, golf related or not, to generate hits.  I can tell you from experience that some of the most popular search terms coming into this site are “Natalie Gulbis nude” and “Anna Rawson bikini” and “Paulina Gretzky” etc, not “driver review” or “golf course review.”

I’m not against such articles.   It is a free country.  Articles of this type show the true nature and agenda of those posting them.  For those who do, they’re about making cash off of exploitation.  For the women (or men) who are making money off the objectification of their bodies and the media outlets who are publishing it, I say cash in while you can as long as you can sleep at night.

I’ll let you know how much more traffic this post generates compared to one of my regular golf equipment review articles in a week or two.  🙂

Happy Birthday to Natalie Gulbis

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 7th, 2011
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Natalie Gulbis

Birthday wishes to LPGA golf babe Natalie Gulbis.

I really need to add the “golf babe” category one of these days.  I think it would be a big boost to traffic.





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