First Look: $173 Golf Laser Rangefinder by ScoreBand

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 11th, 2015
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Here’s a first look at a new $189 (retail) $173 (street) golf laser rangefinder by the company ScoreBand.   I reviewed a ScoreBand product a couple of years ago, a small wrist watch style golf score keeper.   Yesterday I did my first round of testing the new ScoreBand PULSE Compact Golf Laser Rangefinder and I was quite impressed.

ScoreBand Laser Rangefinder - click to buy

ScoreBand Laser Rangefinder – click to buy

Though it was only my first round with the unit, I found it to be nice and compact and easy to use. The yardages locked in quickly and were consistent, unlike other lasers I’ve tested. A friend in my group was using a Leupold laser rangefinder and the yardages from the Pulse were always within one yard of that unit, which cost him $499.

I’m still testing but so far I dig this unit. Stay tuned for my full review soon.