Golf Gadget Review: Score Band – Wrist Watch Golf Scorekeeper

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 12th, 2012
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Someone name me an industry which has more gadgets than golf?  They keep coming and these days with technology advancing, the gadgets are getting cooler and cooler.  Today I’m covering Score Band, a wrist mounted golf scorekeeper.  Score Band isn’t just a golf scorekeeper though.  It also tells time and does tennis and “allscore” scoring.  Our focus is obviously golf.

Score Band Golf Scorekeeper

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About Score Band

Score Band is a lightweight rubber wrist band with digital score keeper.  Simple enough.  The rubber band is small and unobtrusive.  The knock I’ve had with other wrist mounted systems for scoring is their size and bulkiness.  I don’t wear a watch but I have worn bracelets when golfing.  The Score Band is the size of a bracelet, which makes it stay out of my way mentally and physically.

The scoring is basic but effective.  Hole by hole scores are kept and a total running score as well.  Tennis scores are also featured as well as “AllScores” mode which is for general scoring of other sports.


Score Band comes in either black or white bands.  Highlight colors, around the display, come in gray, green, purple and orange.

Sizes for Score Band are small, medium, large and extra-large.  There’s a system for measuring your wrist which helps you pick out the proper size.

Score Band

Shot a 66 (though 16 holes!) Click for more.

Negative Ions

I’ve reviewed many bracelets and even shirts which have negative ion charges.  The Score Band is infused with negative ions which can supposedly help one’s game, if you believe that sort of thing.


At $29.99 Score Band is very reasonably priced.  I think they’ve got their pricing in a great place.  Affordable for most, unlike many overpriced golf items.


Score Band is simple and effective, and stays out of my way.  This is one of very few golf gadgets that I’m actually willing to wear or put on my body somewhere.  I also mount the unit on my bag through a loop if I’m not in the mood to put it on my wrist.


Score Band website

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  1. Brandon says:

    I am a big proponent of useful a SPAM LINK REMOVED, as long as they are useful… not sure where a wristwatch/scorekeeper falls in the line of usefulness, but it looks cool anyway!