Holiday Golf Gift Guide Coming Soon – Get Your Product Listed!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 4th, 2014
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Hooked On Golf Blog ChristmasEvery year around Thanksgiving I post at least one golf holiday gift guide covering all sorts of unique golf equipment, golf apparel, golf accessories, and other items which would make great Christmas (yes, I said that) gifts.  I receive a lot of inquiries about how to get a product listed so for the first time I thought I would do a blog post as a response.

First and foremost I only post products to the HOG golf holiday gift guide which I’ve reviewed in the past year or so.  In the gift guide, I do a short paragraph about the product with a single image, and link to the full review.  From the full review the reader can get the complete story.

If you’ve already had a product reviewed here in the last year, I will automatically be considering it for the gift guide.  If you have not had a product reviewed here in the last year or so, time is running out.  I don’t do fly-by reviews and will need time to test and evaluate the product.

You can reach me in several ways to submit a product.  The best place to go for review submission guidelines and shipping info is the HOG reviews page.  You can also reach HOG on Twitter @HOGGOLFBLOG or Facebook @HookedOnGolfBlog.

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To get the idea, here are a couple of gift guides from last year:

2013 golf accessories holiday gift guide

2013 golf apparel holiday gift guide

Bill Kroen’s Golf Tip-A-Day 2015 Golf Calendar

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 20th, 2014
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Here’s a nice golf gift for Christmas, birthday, or other occasions. Bill Kroen’s Golf Tip-a-Day 2015 Calendar is a daily rip-away calendar which gives a golfer daily doses of golf advice and game-improving information.

Bill Kroen's Golf Tip-A-Day

Bill Kroen’s Golf Tip-A-Day

It is tough to learn many golf tips at a time.  One at a time per day will be absorbed into the golfer’s brain and retained at a much higher rate.

Top: The Daily Extra

As a bonus, the backside of each tip has another interesting nugget of information called the “daily extra,” not necessarily related to golf.

Holiday Golf Gift Guide – Golf Apparel

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, December 2nd, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearMiscellaneous

There are so many great golf apparel companies which make some fantastic threads. Here are a few quick gift suggestions for the golfer on your Christmas list. Each short description includes a link to the original Hooked On Golf Blog review.

Tattoo Golf Clubhouse Collection Polo – $49

Tattoo Golf Clubhouse Collection Golf Polo

Tattoo Golf Clubhouse Collection Golf Polo

Tattoo Golf’s Clubhouse Collection Polo is a very comfortable and sharp looking golf polo. The fabric, 100% woven polyester, is high on comfort and low on management. The fabric resists wrinkling and doesn’t need to be ironed if you take it right out of the dryer.

Not only is the polo very comfortable and high performance, it is adorned with the timeless signature Tattoo Golf skull and cross club bones.


Dunning Base Layer

Dunning Merino Wool Boxer Brief Base Layer

Dunning Merino Wool Boxer Brief Base Layer

Staying warm on the golf course is imperative for comfort and playing well in cold conditions. If I’m not warm, my back tightens up and the swing goes bad. Very bad.

The Dunning Golf base layer is a system you wear under your normal golf threads. The base layer system can include a long or short sleeve merino wool undershirt as well as merino wool boxer-briefs.

My personal experience with the Dunning base layers has been nothing short of fantastic, on and off the course.

Nike Golf Hyperadatpt Storm-FIT Jacket – $280

Nike Storm Fit Jacket

Nike Storm Fit Jacket

If you were to give this $280 jacket as a gift, you’d be telling someone they’re very special. This is the same jacket the likes of Rory McIlory and Tiger Woods had in the bag at the 2013 British Open.

The Nike Hyperadapt Storm-FIT Jacket is an amazing performance golf jacket which a very stylish design. Most importantly, this jacket can hold off even the worst of Scottish rain and wind.

FORE!! Axel & Hudson Golf Apparel for Boys and Girls

FORE!! Axel & Hudson

FORE!! Axel & Hudson

Got a baby or youngster who could use some very classy golf apparel? Back on October 21, 2013 I posted a review of some of the products from FORE!! Axel & Hudson, makers of very stylish and classy golf apparel items for ages 12 months to 12 years.

Included in the review: Crinkle Plaid Driver Cap, Poncho Stripe Shorts, two Golf Polos.

OGIO Groove Shorts – $90

OGIO Groove Golf Shorts

OGIO Groove Golf Shorts

2013 marked the year that the very cool company OGIO started to offer golf apparel to go along with their killer golf bags and accessories.

I’m thrilled with the comfort and style of my OGIO Groove golf shorts. These are made from 94% polyester and 6% spandex. The end result is mega-comfort, no wrinkles and easy care.

Greg Norman ML75 Golf Polo – $69

Greg Norman ML75 Polo

Greg Norman ML75 Polo

Here’s one you may find in your local apparel store or golf shop, the Greg Norman ML75 golf polo.

The ML75 is a very sharp looking polo which comes in some really great color combinations. The polo is made from a super fine microfiber polyester yarn which is so soft and smooth that the shirt feels like it is made from silk.

Switch Belt – $29

Switch Belts - click for HOG review

Switch Belts – click for HOG review

I’ve raved about Switch Belts many times. These are so cool.

Switch Belts are made from plastic. They come in one size and the wearer cuts them down for a tailored fit. There are 14 colors available in both the belt and buckles, which are interchangeable. That makes 196 different color combinations. Better budget some extra time for getting dressed in the morning.

Since the belts are made from plastic, they can be washed in the dishwasher. Yes, the dishwasher.

Holiday Golf Gift Guide – Golf Accessories

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 27th, 2013
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf Gear

The big deal this 2013 holiday season is that the (desperate) retailers are opening on Thanksgiving day.  What’s more ironic than shopping for stuff we don’t have on a day we are supposed to be thankful for what we do have?  Nice job America…

How about spending Thanksgiving with your family and perhaps 10 minutes on your computer buying golf gifts rather than being trampled in Black Friday lines?  Below are five great golf gift ideas in the accessory genre, all available online.  Click the thumbnail photos below to buy them.

Frogger Golf Cart PonchoFrogger Golf Cart Poncho – $49.95

Frogger Golf has a way of taking every-day golf accessories and converting them into products that make way more sense and work far better.

For example the awesome Golf Cart Poncho, which I reviewed back on June 4th, 2013.  This golf cart cover breaks down small enough to fit in a pocket in your golf bag and can install in a few seconds.

Golf Cart Poncho Review

WR67 Designer Golf GPS Wristwatch by Expresso Satellite Navigation

Expresso WR67 Golf GPS Watch – $179

I’ve really enjoyed using the Expresso Satellite Navigation WR67 Golf GPS Watch.  The yardages are solid and the other features useful.  It is quick and easy to use and has over 25,000 courses in its library.

You’re 150 middle, 138 front, 165 back.

Retail is $199 but I found it on Amazon here for $179.

Expresso WR67 Golf GPS Watch Review

Sun Mountain Micro-Cart SportSun Mountain Micro Cart Sport – 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart 

I love to walk the course, but with a bad back, carrying the golf bag is not fun.  Thanks to my Sun Mountain Micro Cart Sport I can haul my gear easily, get some exercise, and save the back.

The Micro Cart Sport has a four wheel base and a ton of great features like several storage areas, umbrella mount, and drink holder.

Sun Mountain Micro Cart Sport Review

Under Armour Mahan Sunglasses

Under Armour Sunglasses

You probably knew that Under Armour makes some of the best sports apparel in the world, but did you know they made killer sunglasses?

I’ve been sporting the Under Armour “Drive” sunglasses, the same ones Hunter Mahan wears.  The results for me have been great, but not as great has Hunter’s.  I still don’t hit the ball like he does and I didn’t marry a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, but I love the shades.

Under Armour Sunglasses Review

Rukk Net Golf Practice Net

Rukk Net – Portable Golf Practice Net – $199

Create your own golf driving range in your backyard or your basement.  If you’re doing it in the basement, don’t swing your driver unless you have high ceilings though…

The Rukk Net practice new is great for practicing at home and if you are like me, making any kind of golf swings in the winter when all the courses are closed for 4-6 months.

Rukk Net Golf Practice Net Review


Holiday Golf Gift Guide – Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, November 24th, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf Gear

Each year I write a holiday gift guide around Thanksgiving. I usually include many random items from golf equipment to golf apparel. Those articles feature a comment or two about the item, plus a link to my original product article or review.

I’m going to do something a little different this year. Rather than putting a bunch of random items into one post, I’m going to post a few more focused golf gift guides. This one will be shoes.

Holiday Golf Gift Guide – Golf Shoes

FootJoy M:Project

FootJoy M:Project Spikeless

FootJoy M:Project Spikeless

When looking back the the shoe reviews I’ve done this year, and there are many, I’d be inclined to give FootJoy’s new M:Project the best golf shoe of 2013. The M:Project is a departure for the normally conservative FJ in its appearance, in a good way. Not only are these shoes very stylish, they’re perhaps the most comfortable golf shoe from FJ I’ve ever worn.

The M:Project comes in spiked and spikeless flavors. Check out the Hooked On Golf Blog FootJoy M:Project golf shoe spiked review and the M:Project spikeless golf shoe review.

GoBe Prodigy Golf Shoes

GoBe Golf Shoes

GoBe Golf Prodigy-Black/Red Golf Shoes – click for more images

GoBe is a new player in the golf shoe market.

The new GoBe Prodigy golf shoe is a hybrid street/golf shoe with great comfort, performance and best of all, a very cool look.

The GoBe Prodigy shoes are 20x more water resistant than treated leather golf shoes.

Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoes

Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoe

Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoe

I really dig Puma golf shoes. They’re always very stylish and trendy, with all sorts of great innovations.

The Puma Faas Lite Mesh golf shoes are the lightest golf shoes on the planet (currently). They’re like wearing super-light sneakers, only more comfortable and better looking.

The treads are very innovative with their “SmartQuill” pattern and flex grooves. Great traction.

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes - click to see more

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes – click to see more

I’d have to say the best looking shoe I’ve reviewed in 2013 is the Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip. You could wear this shoe to a wedding, then run out to the adjoining golf course to squeeze in nine holes between the ceremony and the reception.

Not only are they fantastic looking, the Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip is as comfortable as wearing a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers.


Whether you’re going for comfort, performance, style or a bit of each, the list above has you covered for great holiday golf gifts!

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