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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
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Here’s a golf accessory for keeping your clubs dry or just having convenient access to them while practicing.  I suppose if you have a club losing problem, this may help too.

The “Handy Caddy” sticks into the ground with the forked end and provides an oval ring on the top which holds your clubs (see pictures).

The Handy Caddy can slip into your golf bag when playing or moving your clubs around, just make sure you have the oval ring outside or it may make accessing other clubs a little troublesome.

Other uses

Other uses listed on the Handy Caddy web site include supporting baseball hats, fishing rods (good idea) and other sports gear.  I think I may give my extra one to my lady for her garden to help out the tomatoes!

Divot tool too

I do like the fact that a player could use the forks in the bottom of the unit to fix ball marks.  Let’s just get a bunch of these in the hands of club marshals and have them fix a zillion ball marks without having to bend over.


It may be a tough go for Handy Caddy because there are many other companies who have products similar.  I’ve even reviewed a few of them.  Those links are below.

Being a “golf web geek” I have to comment on the Handy Caddy web site.  It needs some redesign work.  And the site definitely needs more (and higher quality) product photos!

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