Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 29th, 2008
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clubzupNothing is worse than wet golf grips. I usually use Winn W5 grips. If my grips get wet they turn slimy and slippery. The “ClubZup” is a device you keep handy to keep your grips from touching the wet ground.

The ClubZup is very simple. It attaches to the end of your golf club and you stick the forks of the unit into the ground, standing your club up vertically. This keeps your entire club from touching the ground and from getting wet. It also helps if you have a bad back, since you don’t have to bend over to pick up your club.

On the course

I live in what is considered a desert. I’ve had my ClubZup in the bag for close to three months waiting for the opportunity to use it. Seldom do I hope for rain. It didn’t rain, but last night I played late and the sprinklers turned on. I quickly scrambled through my bag to grab my ClubZup when I brought two wedges to my shot on #4. The ground was wet all around and I successfully used my ClubZup to keep my alternate wedge dry.

Here’s the ClubZup promotional video below.


The ClubZup is currently $9.99 for two units. That’s $5.00 each plus shipping. This won’t break the bank or even compare to the expense of many golf gear items. But you could get the same result by doing what most golfers do, sticking a tee in the ground and leaning your club on the tee. $5.00 or $.02 to keep your club grip dry?

If you have a bad back though, the ClubZup would win that argument.

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