Review: Volt Fleece Heated Gloves

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
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I’ll admit this review is a stretch in relation to golf. It’s almost better for skiing, so maybe I should post it on my ski blog as well. Yes, I have a ski blog. It’s winter here in northern Utah, so we aren’t golfing much. We are skiing. But some crazies (like I used to be) will still play golf if the course is open, no matter what the temperature. I’ve played in single digit temps before, back in the crazy days. Even played in snow and hail storms. The first problem I would have in those conditions would be cold hands. One thin long iron shot with cold hands and it’s over.

Volt heated gloves

These Volt Resistance Heated Gloves would be a great solution for keeping the hands warm between cold golf shots, or using them for more practical winter activities which we are deep in right now here, shoveling snow and skiing. Let’s take a look.

Volt Fleece Heated Gloves Overview

The Volt Fleece Heated Gloves are battery powered. Each glove has its own 7.4-volt 2200mAh battery which slides into a zippered compartment to shield it from the elements. On the top of the glove, over the wrist area, you can see a clear bit of plastic (photo). Through that clear part the wearer can see the battery lights, which indicate what heat level the gloves are operating at. There are four heat levels.

Heating is distributed through the hand and fingers.

Volt Heated Gloves

The set comes with a battery charger which plugs into the way and has a “Y” connector to charge both batteries. I’m not sure how long the charge lasts. The amount of time the batteries last depends on how high the level you set. I took them skiing last weekend in brutally cold temperatures. Even without the heating the gloves were great. As the day wore on I turned on the heaters and had a whole afternoon of warm hands.

According to Volt here are the rough times the batteries will last based on heat level:
100% High – 2 hours
75% Med/High – 3 hours
50% Medium – 5 hours
25% Low – 8 hours

Their website says low is 8 hours but the packaging says they will last over 10 hours.

Check out the conditions I was in last week in the video below. Unbelievably my hands were never cold!


The gloves are very comfortable. I’m a big fleece fan so they’re great for me. They fit well and with the wrist coverage they help keep the pow pow out when I’m carving fresh tracks, or shoveling the driveway.


At a retail of $149, these gloves aren’t cheap. But warm hands can make the difference between enjoying your time outside doing whatever activity you may be doing, and being miserable. Whether walking the dog, skiing, or playing golf in the winter, warm hands are essential!

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, July 18th, 2015
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It can take me a while to do a golf glove review.  The reason is I don’t wear golf gloves normally.  I may go months without wearing one, but when conditions are wet and my grips slipping, I’ll put one on.  Now is the hot and sweaty part of summer and with my super soft grips they can get slick if my hands are slightly sweaty.  So it is glove time.  Perfect opportunity to test out the new CaddyDaddy golf glove.

Golf Glove photo

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove


  • Tack-Fusion Palm – super sticky and lots of gripping power
  • Full Motion Mesh
  • Micro-Suede
  • Machine Washable
  • Included Ball Marker
  • 100% Synthetic Materials
  • USGA Conforming

Fit and Comfort

The reason I don’t like golf gloves is that they thicken up my grip and spacing between my fingers etc. It makes the feel of the club seem different enough to change my swing. The Talon is thin enough that I don’t have the feeling that my grip is wrong.  It is comfortable, thin, and doesn’t interfere with my swing or feel.


The glove is very sharp looking with white base and gray/red trim.   Nothing too crazy or outlandish design-wise, so it would work well with just about any apparel script.

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove

CaddyDaddy Talon Golf Glove


Most importantly this grip is mega-tacky.  That’s why I’m wearing a glove in the first place, because my hand is slipping and I’m losing power.  Even in moist conditions the glove provides 100% grip.


The grip is so remarkable and solid that I’m surprised this glove is legal for play.





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